Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lolly Jackson: ASA "a bunch of idiots"

He doesn't mean Athletics SA although he could just as well. They're both dooses. It's the Advertising Standards Authority he's after, people that continually ban his ads. Really people, haven't we got bigger fish to fry? Indeed, doesn't he provide respite for all us from the shit going on in the country?

From the "Get a Life" dept.
What men want

It might be an erect banana, splashed across a billboard with the words "ASA this one is for you". That would be Lolly Jackson giving the Advertising Standards Authority of SA the finger after it banned his latest billboard in Rivonia Road, Sandton.

The owner of Teazers said last night it was war and he had directed his marketing team to come up with a suitable advertising campaign that would target and "throw mud" at the ASA. "They are a bunch of idiots," said Jackson.

This comes after the ASA directorate ruled that a billboard of a naked woman lying on her back with smoke coming from her mouth and the words "No need for gender testing" be banned.

'I want them to ban me'
In its ruling, the directorate said the billboard "would be interpreted as ridiculing (Caster) Semenya's gender status and ordeal she had had to endure". The directorate labelled it offensive advertising.

However, Jackson said that if he had been referring to Semenya in the ad, he would have been more overt.

"The model on the billboard would have been black, she would have been wearing a pair of athletics shoes," he said.

The idea for the billboard came long before Semenya's sex saga hit the headlines, he said.

Ideas for the next ad campaign are already being touted.

"Maybe we can go with a black screen with the words 'ASA ban me now'. That is what I want them to do - I want them to ban me," said Jackson.

Six or seven of his billboards were banned by the ASA in the past three years. - IOL

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