Friday, October 30, 2009

Liberals muse over.. killing Bush

Just like you and I would talk about the weather. This hate talk coming from the so-called tolerant sector of society.

The way some liberals drool over Obama is just sick. Here Gore Vidal is saddened by his "missed opportunity" to murder former President George Bush, then in another he orally ejaculates over Obama's "intelligence". Really? The longer Obama is President, the less intelligent everybody finds him to be.

The left continually bashes the right for hate speech, inciting violence, or for being a threat to our very souls, yet the only people I ever hear talking like this are people from the left. I'm convinced that people on the left are childlike, of low intelligence, hiding from their fear of the real world in an imagined reality they see only in their minds. It would explain a lot of their mindless antics, the actions of spoilt brats, crybabies, whiny, demanding, nagging.

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