Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lack of skills will sink us

The struggle between Trevor Manuel and the trade unions over control of the economy invites this question: where is our economy heading?

The economy depends on the health and skills of the population.

From 1985 to 2008, South African life expectancy dropped from 62,4 years to 50,5.

The fraction of pupils sitting the senior certificate exam who gained a university pass dropped from
31% in 1980 to 15% in 2007.

In recent international comparisons of math’s and science, South African pupils have come last. South Africa has fewer than 50 engineers per 100 000 of population. South Korea has over 300.

Registered artisan apprentices in South Africa dropped from 30 000 in 1975 to 3 000 in 2006.

The white population dropped from 13% in 1993 to 9% today. In absolute terms it has dropped by about 800 000.

The emigrating whites include engineers, doctors, math’s teachers, accountants, project managers, pilots and artisans.

In 1990, manufacturing accounted for 25% of our GDP. In 2008, it was only 16%.

We seem to be de-industrializing. We seem increasingly dependent on the export of raw materials, which other countries convert into manufactured goods. The decision by BMW to expand its production is a rare exception but only because the taxpayer is going to pay it big incentives.

On the other hand, we have a huge and growing number of people receiving social grants, over 14 million in April 2009. The grants have reduced malnutrition and infant mortality.

After 1994, Thabo Mbeki and Manuel saved the economy from total socialism, which would have been catastrophic, especially for the poor. But they could not save it from falling further and further behind successful nations such as South Korea.

In unemployment, public health, crime, manufacturing, infrastructure and municipalities, our performance has been abysmal. If the unions have their way, it will get worse. The proposed national health insurance will bring our private hospitals down to the appalling level of our public hospitals, and cause more doctors to flee.

Because of legislation casting doubt over mineral rights, South Africa did not benefit fully from the recent commodities boom. The next step will be to nationalize our mines, which Cosatu wants. This will wreck our mining industry.

If our economy heads on its present path, it will sink. If it heads on the path Cosatu and the Communist Party want, it will sink faster.

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Anonymous said...

I live on the East coast and the number of ships waiting to enter the harbour and offload imported goods is a sight to behold. I've counted as many as 26 fully laden container ships floating offshore on a single day.

Exzanian said...

Has anyone noticed the strengthening rand? It's time to take what you have out of SA while you can still get a pound for under R12....

Doberman said...

"Will"? It already has. According to the ANC racist handbook skilled blacks are available to replace the whites that are being removed and/or leaving. The Equity Act requires companies to replace their skilled with blacks that just do not have the skills. In my game, engineering, firms must somehow employ 80% black engineers. Where are these black engineers? Isn't "black engineers" an oxymoron?

Besides if JM keeps up his anti-white vitriol, expect more skilled whites to leave and thus the few remaining skills.

Anonymous said...

The munts with skills are being imported from the rest of Africa. It is a BIG problem in the frontline states. They are complaining bitterly about it.

Another way around BEE is to employ a foreign white on a contract who is then "exempt" from the BEE requirements and is excluded from the reporting... So you can employ an entire company of whites and only one darkie and still be 50% BEEEE and completely compliant.

BEE is merely one exercise (deprevation of income) in the ongoing genocide of white africans in South Africa by the marxist regime. You will also note that as "previously advantaged" you are not allowed certain grants etc. no matter what your current circumstances. If you are white in south Africa, it is enough that you father ate... who the fuck are you?

I see a dark moon rising...

Anonymous said...

"It is a BIG problem in the frontline states. They are complaining bitterly about it."

I feel nothing for the "frontline states"!
If they want to be saved, all Namibia or Botswana need do is give one-million Boere citizenship and they'll have the best country in Africa, with a Boer Government!