Saturday, October 10, 2009

Italian PM denounces multi-culturalism

Ahem, let me be clear about this comment so our African, and by 'African' I mean as Africans interpret the meaning and enjoy telling us so often - that is, people of negroid descent who claim Africa belongs only to them - Europe is for white people so fuck off back to Africa!


Premier Silvio Berlusconi on Friday defended a remark he made that Milan ''seemed like an African city'' because of the number of foreigners in the streets.

''I took a photograph of reality by referring to a walk through a central street in Milan where I saw 60% of people were foreigners and 40% were Italian,'' Berlusconi said.

''I asked myself if this is the Italy of the future that Italians want: th
e answer is no''.

The premier first made the comment as he highlighted the government's crack-down on illegal immigration on Thurs
day evening ahead of this weekend's European Parliament elections.

He said he ''could not accept'' that Italian cities, including Milan, seem African rather than European.

Piero Fassino of the opposition Democratic Party (PD) slammed the premier's comments as ''disconcerting''.

''The premier should know that many immigrants live, work and contribute to the richness of the region,'' he said.

Milan Provincial President Filippo Penato, also of the PD, said Milan wasn't ''the capital of Burundi'', but nevertheless agreed that there was a high percentage of immigrants in the city.

''There are certainly too many Roma (gypsies) and illegal immigrants and in these years Milan's right-wing council has not done enough to stop it,'' he said.

But Milan Deputy Mayor Riccardo De Corato laid the blame at the feet of the former centre-left government.

''We have undergone an influx of migrants who were scientifically desired by the centre-left,'' he said.

De Corato praised Berlusconi for his comments, saying this showed he ''doesn't live on the moon but walks around Milan''.

This is the second time in two weeks that Berlusconi has said Italian cities seem more African than European, but last week he blamed poor upkeep for the comparison.

''It's painful to wander around cities like Rome, Naples and Palermo and see that with the graffiti and the filth on the streets they seem more like African cities than European ones,'' he said in a radio interview.

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Viking said...


"many immigrants live, work and contribute to the richness of the region"

- they contribute a hell of a lot more to its poorness, however.


Too late. As a member of the EU they cannot control what comes in over their borders from the north.
They also don't have the balls to simply sink the boon smuggling boats that bring the flood of blacks to their shores.
Some years ago I watched a scene in a very nice street with wide pavements in Bologna. About 70 to 80 blacks decided to make this pavement their market place. One could hardly pass without having to move off the pavement. The blacks offered all kinds of fake branded handbags , watches , pirated copies of DVDs and music discs for sale. They could not care less about the shopkeepers whose shopfront and entrances to their shops they totally blocked. Finally , when some cops came and tried to disperse this rubble most white people around protested and sided with the blacks. Bologna historically has a strong Communist presence and I was reminded to this fact by witnessing this scene. In Udine whole flat buildings are occupied by this blacks. Woman have to avoid this builings and their immidiate vicinity as harrassment is the regular fair there. In the trains between Mestre and Udine black prostitutes are plying their trade. A while ago a conducter checking tickets was thrown off a fast mooving train by black pimps that saw him as a intrusion to their business. The Italians I know , productive , hard working people are fed up to their eyeballs with this blacks , but as well with Gypsies because most of this foreigners live as parasites off the Italian society as well as the proceeds of crime. Italy has been hit hard by the economic down turn and this hardship focuses the Italians hopefully on the parasites living amongst them.

AMB said...

Yeah - I want to go all the way to Italy and see....Africans!! Not. I can just imagine how they've lowered the pride in all these cities they've invaded. At least Italy is waking up! Maybe there is hope....

Anonymous said...


It's time to take out the garbage.

Anonymous said...

Why did you guys erase my comment?
What is the point of continuing with your blog if you're not interested in finding out why things are going the way they are in "the West"?
What is the point in being a blog that just complains about the lower IQ's of Negroid people?
You guys are playing into the hands of the majority of "the West" who just want to show us as a bunch of whites who want the majority blacks to work for us, in a sort of underclass.
This is obviously not true of those of us who choose to have our own state, and to do our own labour! Unfortunately it appears you'll not have our comments on this blog.

FishEagle said...


"What is the point in being a blog that just complains about the lower IQ's of Negroid people?"

We don't think blacks have a lower IQ. We just like to degrade them for fun. Seriously.

The facts speak for themselves and we can only go by the facts. The only fact that we have is that there are differences in IQ between races. IQ corresponds to economic success and human development. The truth is usually very simple.

One can entertain all the theories in the world about the influences of the Jews yet there are simply no facts to substantiate these conspiracy theories. Before you give me a whole list of references to go and research I should warn you that you'd be wasting your time. I've had a look at the conspiracy theories and I simply don't buy it.

It grossly under estimates the average man in the street. The assumption that individuals have no will power of their own or that they are merely economic slaves for others is lazy thinking. You are under estimating yourself as an individual.

Exzanian said...

Yah, Jew bashers fuck off

Viking said...

well said, FishEagle.

I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories as you know, but I've always wondered WHY? I've heard them for years, from the Freemasons (of which I'm a memeber) to the Illuminati (of which I'm not).

If some group of people like to think they control my life, let them. They don't. My decisions are autonomous, and so is my wealth, largely - or lack of it.

There are no doubt groups of people who have a lot of money and like to keep it that way. There is only so much wealth can one person can use, and what is money but a way of making choices easier? Money is a route to power, and again, if people want to have money, let them. It doesn't affect me.
As for power? that's the crux. If people don't KNOW you're in control, they you aren't. Unless I'm forced to bow down to the Rothschilds every morning, or seeing their faces on billboards, how can anyone say they run the world?
i'd rather just get on with my life.

Anonymous said...

"It grossly under estimates the average man in the street."

No! What greatly underestimates te average man in the street is the belief that he will believe that his democratic choice is met by either of the two political parties presented to him once every five years; or that he put Obama in power to represent him; or that one world government is better for him than a bloke down the road who is answerable to him; or that it's just co-incidence that it now takes him (and his wife) a lifetime to pay off the same size home it would've taken his father (alone) to pay off in half the time, working in exactly the same job his father did!

Just a few examples, but you guys sleep on, the brighter ones are waking up and, if Darwin knew what he was talking about, they are the ones that count!

Good luck with your blog 'though, every day you highlight the truth, even 'though you may not see it yourselves... I mean, by covering Malema's rants, anyone can see he has controllers!

FishEagle said...

Anon, all your arguments are based purely on speculation and can be explained by a million reasons other than those that you provided. Until you can contribute something that is based on facts, I don't see the point of continuing with this discussion. I understand that you are frustrated with the circumstances the you are finding yourself in but it is still no excuse for lazy thinking.

Anonymous said...


Fact: Zuma was the first new SA Prez since FW to have his "US meeting" in Austin, TX rather than in New York, NY.
Which group moved their HQ from the Pyramid Building in NY to the Owl Building in Austin, after Mbeki became President?
Speculation or fact?

FishEagle said...

Anon, you have only provided me with rhetoric comments! Now buzz off please. You're wasting time.

Anonymous said...


These questions are NOT rhetorical, please answer them:
2. Which group moved their HQ from the Pyramid Building in NY to the Owl Building in Austin, after Mbeki became President?"

I'll attempt to answer any questions you have for me, sincerely!