Friday, October 23, 2009

IQ67 at work

Get caught speeding excessively and your ass is thrown in jail in a flash but if you are an ANC somebody, you can burn a R2 million truck in front of SAPS members and nothing will happen, at least not right away. This double standard epitomises a failed state. I guess tackling crime and corruption means it is for the little people and doesn't apply to Zuma's circle of confidants.


Greytown -
A prominent businessman and ANC councillor in the uMvoti municipality will face charges of malicious damage to property for allegedly setting alight a R2m truck at his farm in Seven Oaks near Greytown.

Philani Godfrey Mavundla reportedly told his police bodyguards to leave before he allegedly doused the cab of a Man diesel truck with petrol and set it alight after the truck drove over his sugar cane plantation.

The incident happened at about 20:00 on Wednesday and the fire consumed the entire cab, leaving only a shell.

Police spokesman Senior Superintendent Henry Budhram said Dumisani Zuma was driving the truck to load timber at a farm neighbouring Mavundla's Nomalotshwa farm.

Bad turn

It is believed that while turning his truck, he drove over Mavundla's property.

Two trucks owned by Jan Fourie of Umlaas Road were hired by Mavundla's neighbour, Richard Cyrus, to load timber at his farm.

Sources who spoke to The Witness asked to remain unnamed for fear of victimisation.

"We are dealing with a powerful, wealthy and well-connected man here, so one needs to be very careful," one of the sources said.

One said Mavundla went "ballistic" when he saw the truck on his property.

Mavundla is a controversial figure and is usually surrounded by bodyguards.

"It is believed that he asked the Saps members performing guard duties to leave his premises before setting the truck alight," said Budhram.

Took pictures of burnt truck

He said it is alleged that Mavundla, "who had just arrived at the farm in his vehicle, noticed Zuma driving over his property and confronted him. He removed Zuma's keys from the truck".

"Zuma then climbed out of the truck and an argument between the owner [Mavundla] and Zuma ensued, with Mavundla threatening to burn his truck.

"He left the scene in his vehicle and a short while later returned with a container containing a flammable liquid.

"It is alleged that he then doused the cab of the truck with the liquid and set it alight, causing extensive damage to the truck."

Sources said Mavundla took photographs of the burning vehicle.

The truck owner declined to comment and referred The Witness to his lawyer, DeonSchaup of Venn Nemeth and Hart attorneys, who said legal action will be taken.

The shell was still smouldering on Thursday morning when the owner arrived with Schaup and a tow truck to remove the truck. A cloud of smoke and sparks rose when the tow truck hitched up the burnt-out cab.

ANC chair, owns business and farm

The total value of the truck and the trailer is R1.9m. Schaup said his client is also considering opening a civil claim for the damage to truck.

Mavundla is ANC chairperson in the Bhambhatha region, director of PG Mavundla Engineering and owns the Nomalotshwa farm where the incident happened.

Attempts to get comment from him were unsuccessful, and his cellphone had been switched off.

The Witness was informed that Mavundla left for Brazil on Thursday, but it is not clear whether he went on a private or business trip.

Cops witnessed incident

Sources said that Saps officers witnessed the incident, but Mavundla had not been charged by on Thursday afternoon. Budhram said an arrest will be made soon.

Mavundla is no stranger to controversy.

He embarked on legal action against uMvoti Mayor Petros Ngubane for making "untrue and defamatory" statements about him.

Ngubane had accused Mavundla of instigating attacks against IFP councillors in uMvoti early this year.

In 2007, Mavundla was embroiled in a legal battle with the eThekwini Municipality over losing the bid to build the Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Mavundla lodged a high court application demanding reasons why he lost the bid. - The Witness

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TKB! Need I say more?


Sounds like a real charming fellow. Interesting that rubbish like this is always to be found in the ANC camp.

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TKB for sure. You cannot get the bush out of 'em...