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IQ and racial differences

Hat tip to Harry who forwarded this interesting post from Steve Sailer's blog. The video is unrelated but involves the same topic.

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UK "science" documentary will prove all races are exactly equal in intelligence by having a cast of young, sexy, multicultural British TV personalities act shocked whenever fuddy-duddy old white guy psychometricians like Lynn and Rushton says there are differences in IQ. According to the infinitely reliable Daily Mail:

Channel 4 to screen controversial documentary that asks whether IQ is linked to race
By Paul Revoir and Niall Firth

Channel 4 is facing a race controversy after deciding to give a platform to scientists who claim that white people are more intelligent than those who are black.

A documentary, fronted by former BBC News correspondent Rageh Omaar, will interview professors who claim brain power is linked to racial grouping.

It will include claims that the most intelligent people in the world are North-East Asians from parts of China, Japan and North and South Korea.

Taboo: TV presenter Rageh Omaar will discuss James Watson's infamous assertion that black people are less intelligent than other races

The Australian Aborigines will be said to have the lowest average IQ.

The broadcaster has decided to air the comments, which will be abhorrent to many of its viewers, as part of a series of programmes about race and science, aimed at busting 'science's last taboo'.

Bosses at the channel claim the season will strongly challenge these opinions and 'explode' the myth that science can support ideas of racial superiority.

But the decision to air the issue at all could prove incendiary and is in danger of throwing the channel into another race row.

The broadcaster was inundated with complaints in 2007 after it aired the alleged racist bullying of Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother.

To promote the series, Channel 4 has altered photos of Baroness Thatcher, The Beatles, England's 1966 World Cup winning football team and U.S. President Barack Obama to change their racial appearances.

In Race and Intelligence: Science's Last Taboo, Omaar talks to academics who believe that aspects of the human brain are linked to race.

7 Opinion(s):

FishEagle said...

"aimed at busting 'science's last taboo'"

There will always be taboo around new scientific discoveries. It shows the level of arrogance of the person that made that statement, presuming that the world already 'knows it all'.

Anonymous said...

Some old blasts from the past here. I hope BC is taking notes. Also, the guy in the video needs to slow down a bit, they won't pull his video before he finishes.

Exzanian said...

Oh go on, let's give BC and his mates a brownie point. Not all blacks are stupid. Genetic variation ala Mendel will ensure there are a few tall poppies amongst the lot, but overwhelmingly the gene pool is staggered towards low IQ in large groups of blacks.

Anonymous said...

@ExZ. Ha ha. I don't think there is a long enough right tail in the black bell curve, unless there is some miscegenation going on.

Jared Croft said...

I am an American, for the record I am white, and many whites I know seem dumber than some blacks I know. If there is a genetic difference in averages, it is in my opinion slight. When controlled for income-level and home environment, in the US black children were measured in a study with 800 participants to have IQs on average 3 points lower than their white counterparts. This is less than the average distance measured between male and female IQs in the broad population (males have a 5 point advantage, no doubt females have a higher EQ). Trying to discern the differences without first thoroughly isolating the variable is not science; it is a basic truth of science that correlation does not prove causation.

And at any rate, you won't take back your country from the idiots who run it without the help of black intellectuals. Proportionally speaking, there will be few black intellectuals in your country relative to the US, but I doubt there are none. Owing to your demographics, sensible government can only be instituted in SA with black support. Without it, you might as well give up and move.

You have the superior culture and, per capita, economic means to betterment yes; but there is more hope for your black countrymen than you acknowledge. If there isn't then there is no hope for your country.

Anonymous said...

@Jared. Welcome. I won't dispute you on the IQ study; there are many studies that make many fantastic claims. One would have to look at the methodology etc. Suffice to say, I will defer to the leading research, which indicates a 15 point difference. But let's ignore the measured. Simple observation also confirms a stark difference in IQ. The reason these points are made, are not to confirm superiority, but rather to indicate that such stark differences have consequences; and to ignore these is absurd.

I am not sure which correlation you are referring to. There are many correlations to IQ. Any one, in isolation, could be an anomaly. However, when there are many such correlations there is a strong case for a causal link; to ignore these is negligent, and helps nobody.

No doubt there are whites that are dumber than blacks; that would be explained by the bell curve, but on average that is not the case.

I completely agree with you on the "taking back the country issue", but that is less of goal. Whites, on average, accept that they are not welcome in Africa, and demographically speaking are able to achieve nothing. It has become more about survival. No doubt any bold moves would require black intellectual support; that will not be forthcoming.

I would like to believe that there is more hope for black South Africa than we realise; unfortunately history is not on their side and neither does the slippery slope they have embarked on suggest so either. We will see.

Stein said...

"When controlled for income-level and home environment, in the US black children were measured in a study with 800 participants to have IQs on average 3 points lower than their white counterparts."

Do you have a citation? Jensen documented in 'The g factor' that controlling for income level resulted in a 3 point reduction in the gap (ie. the average gap went from 15 points to 12).

Also, in the Minnesota Transracial Adoption study groups ended up scoring as well as their biological peers, not adoptive parents. Interestingly, the children of mixed ancestry scored in between the black adoptees and the white adoptees. That is consistent with the genetic explanation.

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