Thursday, October 01, 2009

The insanity at Lusikisiki

Toddler raped, abandoned

Thu, 01 Oct 2009

A two-year-old toddler who went missing from her home in Lusikisiki on Wednesday night was found abandoned in a mielie field in Qebedu village on Thursday morning and she had been raped, Eastern Cape police said.

Captain Mduduzi Godlwana said the child was found at around 8am still wrapped in her towel after she was brutally raped.

The towel was soaked with blood.

Godlwana said the baby was in a serious condition.

The baby was sleeping with her five-year-old sibling in a room and went missing while their mother was cooking in another.

When the mother realised that the toddler was missing she alerted villagers who began searching for the baby.

No one has been arrested for the rape

3 Opinion(s):

FishEagle said...

Ja, this makes me queasy.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...everyone is equal. Let me recall the last time I heard a white male doing that....wait...wait...

Treacle Bender said...

you try and tell the liberal world that this disgusting, inhumane shit is common amongst the boons...