Monday, October 19, 2009

Greed is destroying the ANC - Zuma

Duh moment of the week.

President says fight for money and positions is tearing the ruling party apart

Cape Town (Sapa) - You have failed in the Western Cape, African National Congress leader Jacob Zuma told members of the party's provincial general council at a meeting in Cape Town on Sunday. [actually not true, the ANC has failed everywhere, don't discriminate]

"Comrades in the Western Cape have failed over the period, and no-one can argue that you have not," he told the council members, who had gathered from branches across the province to thrash out a way forward following their defeat at the polls in April this year. [yeah, a 16 year period. Period]

Zuma said this failure was the reason the national ANC had appointed a team "in a very deliberate manner" to manage the province. [yeah, like the hotline thingmajig..]

Its members were not there as friends, but to solve problems.

"We did not want to have people [on the team] who were friends of others. We wanted a team that must work... This time we want to take the Western Cape out of difficulty." [not a hope in hell...except to overpopulate the Cape with supporters]

Zuma said the national ANC was going to spend a lot of time in the province as this process moved ahead. [whew, thank gawd, the ANC so knows how to run things...]

"Because... we told you... that the way in which you were conducting yourselves, we were running the risk of some result we did not want. We told you two years ago, but you didn't listen," he said. [the ANC never listens ZoomZoom..]

Turmoil within the ANC in the Western Cape played a major role in the ANC losing the province in the general election earlier this year. [nah, it was shit delivery and corruption, not "turmoil within the ANC"]

In 2006, the ANC also lost control of Cape Town when Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille became mayor.

Zuma pinned the blame for the party's poor performance on what he called "twin" problems. [do tell...I sense a philosophical moment coming..]

"We have a problem... this organisation [the ANC] is faced with a new enemy... and this enemy is composed of twins. Twins that are destroying the organisation." [Julius and...?]

To loud applause from members, he said there were people in the ANC who were prepared for the organisation to be destroyed in order for them to occupy certain positions. [that's how rats feed, on each other]

Lobbying within the ANC had in some cases stopped being comradely and was now deadly, marked by character assassination and gossip. [noooooooooo...not the ANC!]

"This enemy, the one twin -- authority, positions. The [other] twin is money. These two walk together; they are well armed; they are destroying the African National Congress," Zuma warned. [huh?]

The two were related because "some are looking for a position to put their friends so that they have access to resources," he said to cheers and whistles of approval from his audience. [picturing chimps hollerin' and a whoopin'..]

Zuma said there were people in the organisation "who have surrendered themselves to the comrades of other comrades... who work 24 hours for certain comrades, not for the ANC. [comrades not being comradely to other comrades who weren't comradely to their comrades? Got it. Clear as mud..]

"I think you have a problem which you must deal with... I hope I'm wrong," Zuma said. [you've just spent time telling them there is a problem now you are unsure?]

Council members at this point started cheering and shouting "You're right!" [like I said, chimps...]

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The twins - dumb and dumber.