Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gang of 20 attack mall

'A four-year-old girl was kicked in the face'

The robbery at VC Shopping Centre, a small complex in Dalview, Brakpan, has left many people shaken. This morning a manager explained how he had been confronted in his office by two robbers last night.

"They had guns, but they were pointing them down at the ground and they were screaming 'Money, money'. "I did what they told me to do, I took the safe keys and walked downstairs to where the safe is," said the manager who asked that his name not be published.

Visibly shaken, he described how the robbers took his watch and his cellphone from him as they followed him to the safe. "I opened the safe and gave them everything that was there. They then told me to lie down on the ground and they left." A few minutes later he called out to make sure that the robbers were gone.

Then he got up and started helping his staff. He said that staff and customers told him that the gang had entered the shop at about 6.45pm, posing as customers. Suddenly they pulled guns out and ordered the cashiers to open their tills. Some of them cleaned out the tills while others headed to the office. Everyone was made to lie down as the robbers proceeded to rob customers of their jewellery, watches, phones and wallets.

When it was over, customers left quickly. Another four shops in the centre - Yuppies Pizzeria and Grillhouse, Liquor City, Angelo's Supermarket and Hollywood Nites video shop - were all hit at the same time.

An eyewitness, who was eating takeaways in the parking lot, said he saw a group of men walking into the Spar. Minutes later he saw people lying on the ground and the men pointing guns. "Then I knew it was a robbery. I quickly took cover and hid under the car," said the man. Johan Thiart, a warder at Boksburg Correctional Services, was at the video shop when the robbers stormed in.

"When I turned around a man put a gun on my face. He ordered me to lie down on the floor," Thiart said. He said a four-year-old girl was kicked in the face by the robbers who instructed everybody in the shop to lie on the floor.

"They were shouting aggressively at the cashier demanding money. I was lying face down. I saw about five men. The whole thing lasted for about five minutes," he said. This morning, Elize Spice was at Brakpan police station to collect her handbag which was recovered by the police from inside the Toyota Quantum minibus.

"I'm so glad everything is in there. Even the R200 my boss had given me." An FNB safe, pizzas, R22 000 in cash, cigarettes, two cellphones and three firearms were also found in the bus. The VC Spar was robbed in June this year.

An employee who survived the June robbery collapsed last night after this latest attack. She did not return to work today.

Counseling had been organized for all the staff. Lamola said cases of business robbery and murder have been opened and are being investigated. Police have interrogated the three men arrested for leads as to the remaining members of the gang. They will also attempt to link them to other violent robberies.

The toll gate was quiet today with little evidence of last night's mayhem.

What the English publications once again fail to mention is that a innocent motorist was shot and killed when these thugs stole his car. Or is this of no importance?

Motoris vermoor toe rowers vlug (motorist killed as robbers fled)

Is this just another deliberate attempt by the MSM in South Africa to hide the crime from possible 2010 supporters?

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Exzanian said...

OMG, the VC...I know it well. Dalview is the "upper class" area of Brakpan (yah, that sounds like an oxymoron but there are lovely houses in that area)
The VC is just a small little shopping centre, not even a mall, just a block or so of front row shops. Unreal...

Islandshark said...

Let's use the proper terminology people - the Ministry of Lies.

Doberman said...

Cars, homes, malls, restaurants, night time, nowhere is anyone safe. Yes liberals, thank you, life is so much better for all in the post-apartheid utopia you helped create. I'm sure the 11-12 million victims of crime since 1994 thank you.

Treacle Bender said...

...the anc mafioso running out of money?..

sipho, send out the soldiers and don't come back until you have a few million and bling...if you "accidently" kill someone make sure it's a whitey and don't forget to brutalise a child or two..