Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fun Theory. Can it be applied to Africa?

Volkswagen has an idea they call the Fun Theory. We know that people only do things because they want to or if they must. For instance, very few of us want to go to work, we simply must. Or, who wants to get off the couch during a great show to take out the garbage? Ironing? Watching cricket? Fun or a must?

The idea with VW's Fun Theory is to prove that if you turn mundane chores into fun that you can get people to change their ways. The reason why politicians exploit taxpayer funds is because they have fun doing it. If we were to remove the fun aspect and introduce accountability and the possibility of losing their jobs or prosecution and returning the funds, they would act differently.

Here's two examples. The first one involves getting people to use the stairs instead of the escalator (like me) and the second is throwing trash in the bin instead of leaving it laying around. The results are both interesting and amusing.

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Vanilla Ice said...

Very sweet.

Viking said...

very nice!
works in Sweden - wonder how long those electrics would last in SA?

Islandshark said...