Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fancy that. Whites in South Africa ARE good for something

If your arse is on the line, you drop affirmative action appointees and you go with the best which, duh, happen to be white. This is repeated everywhere. The despots of Africa kick out their white populations and preach African renaissance, black nationalism, evil white people, the bad Western intentions blah blah.. but their kids get sent to the best Western white schools and universities and when they are ill, guess where you find Mugabe and co? Uh huh, once you go white YOU KNOW IT'S RIGHT! Anyone see the hypocrisy in all this or is it just me?

Why did Zuma brief white counsel? - Aspirant judge - Sapa

Cape Town - An aspirant judge ruffled feathers during her interview with the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on Tuesday when she said transformation of the judiciary would only be complete when "the Zumas of this world" briefed black counsel. [tsk, yeah right, sure, trust my ass to a black lawyer..not even the "Zumas of this world" are that stupid]

Advocate Sita Kolbe SC, an advocate at the Johannesburg bar, argued that the best way of dealing with discrimination was to train black lawyers until they were clients' natural first choice because they were "brilliant" and perceived as the best money could hire. [you expend your ass "training" black lawyers - me, I want my ass out of jail so I use the best which happens to be white]

"There will only be real transformation in my view one day when, when the Zumas of this world find themselves in a spot of bother, we see a black face representing them and not a white face." [ha ha ha ha and then the fairies descended down from heavens and..hey, wot you been smoking?]

Kolbe added that the problem was underlined by former police commissioner Jackie Selebi's decision to employ seasoned white advocate Jaap Cilliers to represent him in his corruption trial currently underway in Johannesburg. [read above...survival trumps ideology in the race card game m'dear]

She was reprimanded by Chief Justice Sandile Ngcobo who described her remark about President Jacob Zuma as unfortunate because "it amounts to being disrespectful to the president".

Kolbe replied: "No, not at all." [she is being truthful and she is right]

She said she had mentioned Zuma, who called on Kemp J Kemp SC when he faced corruption charges linked to the arms deal that were finally withdrawn in April, as an example because he was a prominent person whose choices did not go unnoticed.

Kolbe endured intense grilling from the JSC over her open clashes with Advocates For Transformation (AFT) about how to effect racial parity in the top ranks of the legal profession.

She said she believed AFT clamoured for change but did not do enough to make it a reality by helping black lawyers to achieve the merit to advance. [uh oh, just now they will make it mandatory for defendants to only hire black lawyers..quotas and all]

Among those to challenge her was new commissioner Ishmael Semenya, a prominent colleague at the Johannesburg bar, who said the constitutional requirement for racial representation in the judiciary could not wait until "all black lawyers are specialists". [oh, but it's ok to require the rest of society to comply]

He added that Kolbe had a reputation for being "absolutely abrasive". [yeah, she sounds like a right bitch]

Without naming any, Kolbe said good black lawyers often attracted so much government work that they did not move on to more challenging cases. [government can afford to waste and risk taxpayers money]

Gauteng Judge President Bernard Ngoepe asked Kolbe whether she was implying that black lawyers were "unbrilliant" to which she responded that this applied to the majority of advocates of all races. [ word "unbrilliant", says it all about our judges' abilities..]

Kolbe said she had long been involved in training black advocates because she believed this was the only way to redress racial imbalances. [you could train chimps but that doesn't mean you can turn them into lawyers much less good ones]

"I'm not a politician, I cannot sit and talk about nice policies, I can train." [..backtracking a little]

The debate was smoothed over by Justice Minister Jeff Radebe, who said it seemed Kolbe was simply explaining her practical contribution to transformation rather than dramatically differing with the dominant definition of transformation. [whew, thank goodness someone could explain this discourse to dumb ol' us]

Kolbe also unexpectedly found succour from AFT chairman Dumisa Ntsebeza. He recalled that the Sunday Times had recently also noted the anomaly of Zuma, Selebi and axed national prosecuting chief Vusi Pikoli all hiring white counsel. [the cavalry arrives..]

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Anonymous said...

Let's see who she goes to when she gets sick one day. Bet it's not going to be a black bro or a sangoma...but wait, she sounds "unbrilliant" so she just might!!.

Anonymous said...

Dont know what the issue is now as it was the front page story more than a year ago in the Financial Mail as to why do black politicians hire white advocates. Interesting story it was but no reasons other than to say becuase black were not good at it. They highlighted all of them - Mbeki, Zuma and the whole lot.