Monday, October 12, 2009

Eskom 'lying again'

By George Annendale (News24 User)

The lies coming out of Eskom does not stop.

Andrew Etzinger, General Manager at Eskom, is on record telling us that reserve levels are dangerously low. Contacts at Eskom and in the industry tells us breakdown and unscheduled maintenance are running at worryingly high levels. Despite this, the duplicitous Jacob Maroga and Fani Zulu tell the public and Parliament there won't be blackouts and loadshedding.

At this stage the Ferro metal industry is still not running at full capacity and given the level of consumption from this sector the current reserve will disappear very quickly when they get back to full capacity.

Instead of bringing in private suppliers, who are queuing to get part of the action, Eskom prefers a solution that will add to the cost of the paying consumer and lower the demand from industrial users. The result: additional income, job losses when because of the cost impact on industry, rendering them globally uncompetitive. The rejection of private suppliers of electricity can only be ascribed to the fear that Eskom's incompetence and inefficiency will be exposed.

As for the job-losses? That is not Maroga's problem. He and Zulu will continue receiving fat awards for their incompetence. With lying being the national sport, I suppose Maroga and Zulu rates in the top echelons.

The financial world, already sceptical about Eskom's ability, are not falling over their feet to make loans to the embattled Eskom, who can blame them, and the taxpayer and paying consumer will bear the brunt.

Eskom, in the mean time, are extremely secretive as far as their fare increase is concerned. Yesterday, I predicted an increase of well over 30%. As it turned out, we are looking at closer to 50%.

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