Friday, October 09, 2009

Eliminationism versus Genocide ?

I have read an interesting interview the German newspaper „Der Spiegel“ had with a German author, Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, who wrote a book on the holocaust "Hitler's Willing Executioners,", and recently a book about modern genocide. "Worse than War: Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity.”

I am not going to publish the whole interview, but am going to be selective, and will publish only those parts that I want to discuss, highlight and compare with South Africa and the world in general, today.

Doom and gloom? You bet.

You can read the interview here. 'Mass Slaughter Is a Systemic Problem of the Modern World'

“Because genocide, or large-scale mass slaughter, is but one tool that states and political leaders use to carry out political programs aimed at eliminating populations that are considered unwanted or dangerous. Thus, the fundamental phenomenon is eliminationism, with the mixture of means chosen being but a pragmatic decision to further the political goal. There are five principal means: repression, forced transformation, expulsion, preventing reproduction, such as sterilization, and extermination.”

Mass murder is but one tool in eliminationism.

It is also very clear that it is states or political leaders that use it to eliminate populations that are considered unwanted.

There are five principle means to eliminationism, namely:

Forced transformation
Preventing reproduction

I am of the opinion that the ANC in South Africa has a political goal to get rid of white South Africans and specifically white Afrikaans speaking South Africans. If we look at the 5 points mentioned above, only preventing reproduction is not happening. BEE and affirmative actions take care of repression and forced transformation,

Violent crime and farm murders are only the beginning of the extermination.

SPIEGEL: Does genocide always begin with language?
Goldhagen: Most of what people know about the world is imparted to them through speech -- through language of all different kinds. One of the striking things about genocide is that the people doing the killing view large groups of people as being subhuman or dangerous. They use language to either dehumanize or demonize them.
SPIEGEL: Language mobilizes people to commit mass slaughter?

Goldhagen: Yes. Language is the bearer of hatred. Germans didn't know the Jews of Poland. Many Turks didn't know Armenians. Individual Hutu knew nothing about most Tutsi. How could they? And yet in each case they set out to kill vast numbers of people about whom they knew only what they had heard. Language transmits prejudices and descriptions of others that lead some to believe that the other must be eliminated. This is a critical factor in understanding the generation of mass slaughter, which is often not seen to be important. People say "it's just talk." but it's talk that is the soil from which these genocidal assaults eventually grow.

Malema and company do not operate in a vacuum.

The hate speech from them is sanctioned by the ANC, and is a very clear symptom of eliminationism. The ANC uses them to incite hate against a minority white group, which leads to mass slaughter.

Slogans like “bring my machine gun” and “kill a Boer, kill a farmer” also are very specific aimed at white South Africans.

The above quote states that talk is the soil from which genocidal assaults grow.

The day these hate speeches stop, will be the day Jesus comes……..

“This is where we have to start talking about eliminationism instead of genocide. The elimination of the Jews was always their policy. It started in Germany in 1933 with different kinds of laws and measures excluding Jews from German society. At that point they were trying to get as many Jews out of Germany as possible. Once they began to conquer countries, they immediately began to take other eliminationist measures against the Jews, such as ghettoization -- measures which were temporary until a more "final" solution could be initiated. So, to say that the eliminationist assault upon the Jews was a consequence of the war is simply not factually correct. There was always this eliminationist orientation and a variety of means used at different times until the program of total extermination began in 1941, coinciding with the assault on the Soviet Union.”
History is being repeated in South Africa.

Again, if we look at BEE and affirmative actions, it is clear that white South Africans are being excluded from the economic society of South Africa.

Where will it eventually lead to?

I make the statement that in the very near future, within the next 10 years, a program of total extermination will begin in South Africa.

“It controlled the media at the time and had rules about what should or should not be said. The Nazis were concerned that it could be used as propaganda against Germany. It probably wasn't known by many people that there was a formal program of total extermination.”.
I am convinced that the South African media houses are part of the problem.

So how can they, in today’s world of the internet, do this?

It is actually very easy. Censorship by language is the method used. Many news stories that might be damaging the South Africa ANC elite are only published in one of the local languages and not in English.

South Africa is, from a media or news perspective very small. ALL news should be available and published in English.

By not doing this, the make sure that the mainstream international media do not get these news articles.

And it is also true that not many people in the world know that there is a program of total extermination in South Africa.

The ANC will do whatever they can, to stop negative propaganda against the ANC lead South African government.

“It is the will that is the decisive factor. Eliminationism has become an integral part of the political repertoire of the modern world.”

“International law allows for leaders to slaughter their own people unless the UN calls it genocide, which is not going to happen. International law on this issue is utterly bankrupt.”

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FishEagle said...

Just the other day I gave an educational talk to a group of about 100 black school kids, ages between 10 and 14. Starting the proceedings the choir sang the national anthem, followed by Umshini wami. Everyone joined in at the top of their voices - kids, adults, everyone. Pity I wasn't invisible at that moment. Heh heh.

Vanilla Ice said...

The prevention of reproduction is being achieved in two ways; first, the reproductive sections of white society are being forced to emigrate; two, the remaining reproductive section does not deem it prudent to raise large families in an environment that does not offer its children a future.

Viking said...

I hope you gave them some quality education... can't believe they were singing umshini wami - kids!

FishEagle said...

Viking, I'm always the one that gets educated the most at these functions. Lol. I was rather shocked at the choice of the Umshini wami song. It's the first time I heard them sing it and it was just a repition of the same two words over and over. They are a strange people!

Viking said...


I'm sure there were quite a few who couldn't remember the lyrics then..