Saturday, October 31, 2009

Deaths could outnumber births soon

Um, we wish. As long as South Africa is Africa's long-drop and they keep pouring in over the border, they replace those that die 5 fold. Zuma-rub-a-dub-dub-my-duck-after-sex is only showing concern because Aids is eating into his constituents. Sies tog.

President Jacob Zuma has warned that the number of deaths in the country would soon outnumber the births.

Making a renewed call on the fight against HIV/AIDS Zuma said the statistics that were coming through on the country's mortality rate painted a "disturbing picture" on the health of the nation.

He said the statistics showed that nearly 6 out of 10 deaths in the country in 2006 were those of people younger than 50 years.

"More and more people are dying young, threatening even to outnumber in proportional terms those who die in old age," Zuma told MPs.

He said even more disturbing was the number of young women dying "in the prime of their life, in their child-bearing years"

Zuma further said that the Independent Electoral Commission had struck 396 336 deceased voters from the voters roll during September last year and August this year.

"These are some of the chilling statistics that demonstrate the devastating impact of HIV and AIDS is having on our nation," he said adding that a lot of the statistics did not fully reveal the human toll of the disease.

Zuma called for renewed consciousness of sexual behaviour by young people and appealed to South Africans to take responsibility for their health and those of their partners and families.

"All South Africans must know that they are at risk and must take informed decisions to reduce their vulnerability to infection, or, if infected, to slow the advance of the disease," he said.- Times Live

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Vanilla Ice said...

By stating the obvious, just like corruption; this is the same individual that took a shower after unprotected sex. His hollow rhetoric has no chance of making a difference.