Monday, October 05, 2009

Criminal jamboree in South Africa

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! Calling all criminals. Come on down to the New! Improved! South Africa!™ A veritable wonderland for criminals, a place where you may reign down evil to your heart's content. Run by criminals for criminals. A place where you can act with impunity, roam freely, rape, murder and plunder. Finished with one attack? One hijack, one rape not enough for the evening? Night still young? No problem. Another car is around the corner waiting to be hijacked.

This isn't funny.

The story below highlights why over a million expats fled the country and why South Africa is on a one way road to Armageddon.

Our guvmunt's answer is to shoot to kill. Including the unfortunate innocent bystander caught in the crossfire or on the wrong end of a trigger happy knuckle-dragging Neanderthal who only last week was a car guard. And oh yes, disarm the law-abiding still further. See today's call by the criminal terrorist organisation Azapo to disarm everybody. I suppose they can't afford to lose the few supporters they have.

My answer? Arm citizens with everything they think they need to protect themselves, give them the right to shoot first and ask questions later without fear of reprisal inside their properties, and observe as the crime rate is reduced 90%. Saves lives, saves court time and tax money, clears the jails. A win, win, win solution. Will it be implemented? Never.

Port Elizabeth - Two hijackers were so angry when the woman they had kidnapped had only R150 in her bank account, that they raped her.

The 21-year-old woman and her 20-year-old boyfriend were attacked by four men outside the Noordhoek ski-boat club in Port Elizabeth on Saturday night. The couple were forced into the boot of their car, a VW Polo. Two of the men were armed.

Police spokesperson, Inspector Alwin Labans, said two of the hijackers took the woman's bank card and forced her to give them her PIN.

Hijackers were furious

Two of the men went to an ATM. The two men who stayed behind raped the woman. "When the other two men got to the ATM and saw there was only R150 in the account, they were furious."

"When they returned, they raped the woman," said Labans. Her boyfriend was assaulted. Shortly afterwards, the hijackers left in the couple's car.

According to a reliable source, they soon realised there wasn't enough fuel in the Polo, so they stole a passing motorist's BMW.

However, they became stuck in the beach sand with the BMW and jumped out, stole the motorist's wallet and raced off in the Polo again.

Families shocked

The couple were taken to a hospital for treatment. The young man's father confirmed that the incident took place outside the ski-boat club, but said that both families were too shocked and traumatised to talk about it.

"It was extremely brutal and we made a decision not to speak to the media about it," he said. - Die Burger

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