Monday, October 12, 2009

Cops fire at car; kill woman

Give monkeys a gun...and what did we say would happen? Great idea this. Now we have to mind criminals AND cops. Listen you effing baboons, Zuma meant shoot if shot at, not open fire on cars not firing back. I despair, I really do.


Johannesburg -
A woman was killed and two other people were wounded in Mabopane, north of Pretoria on Sunday when police shot at their car, Gauteng police said.

Members of the Flying Squad had been "looking out" for a hijacked grey Toyota Corolla when they spotted a car fitting the description, Captain Julia Claassen said.

"The police put out their blue lights for the driver to stop, but he didn't, so police fired shots."

A woman passenger died and two other passengers were wounded. The driver was uninjured.

"[The car] fitted the description. The police allegedly tried to stop the car, but it didn't stop."

Police didn't have the hijacked vehicle's registration number at the time.

"The Independent Complaints Directorate will investigate a case of murder and two attempted counts."

No arrests had been made. - SAPA

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Anonymous said...

The car didn't stop because it figured the people in the other car that had just turned its blue lights on were probably trying to carjack it. They were probably in the process of driving to the nearest police station, when the cops opened fire. Stupid dumb fuck k4 baboons.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9:32, I agree. This is unacceptable. If cops can just shoot without cause then we will have chaos - I mean, even MORE chaos. The idea is to identify the target, establish its intent, determine if it poses a danger then act accordingly, firing if necessary - I know it's split-second stuff - but it can be done..I suppose not with our knuckledraggers.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the shoot to kill command is in full effect yet "we will educate the public on the wrongness of the death penalty." was the response from Nelson Mandela when asked if we would ever get the death penalty back. I am really sorry but I predicted this kind of thing would happen. This is only the beginning. Now the corrupt police have open season on the public they are supposed to protect. This is a direct result of the latest rants by Zuma and the rest of the buffoon platoon.

Anonymous said...

As an ex-flying squad member, I will wait until the evidence is in.

Anonymous said...

the cops are so desperate for results to prove they have crime under control that they fire first then ask questions later.this shoot to kill call by anc is totally taken out of context.these guys have zero training,backward intelligence and are dangerously driven by an egoistical desire that they are on a crusade to right their own wrongs.A very dangerous recipe for anarchy...poor poor public.....

Exzanian said...

The principle is "minimum force" Hard to apply, I had the training in the late eighties doing state of emergency riot patrols (SADF) in the townships. It may be that the "minimum force" required to contain or arrest a perpetrator is shooting at him, but boy, it's a tough call to make. These bozos haven't got a clue, no brains for it, it's quick, split second thinking, it's definitely way too much for them. Expect a lot more of these incidents. btw, if you had shot at one of those rioting fuckers in the 1980's, you would have been in deep shit in any event, it was a seething cauldron....Luckily I never had to make the call.

FishEagle said...

Exzanian, we are lucky to still have you with us today.

Anonymous said...

I was very surprised to see that eNEWS reported this story on their prime time bulletin last night. The pigs use racial profiling in SA, as the vehicle was being driven by a black man. A passenger in the rear seat leaned forward to switch on the hazard lights, as the first shot hit the back window. The vehicle in question - an older model, charcoal coloured Toyota Corolla - now a piece of Emmentaler! A classic example of what ExZ points out that clearly minimum force was not adhered to.