Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Climate change: The Global Conveyor Belt explained

FishEagle initiated a good debate about climate change and I promised to show you a little known fact about the world's weather system, the great Global Conveyor Belt. The videos demonstrate how the Global Conveyor Belt works, a circulating process of sea currents around the world that takes 1000 years to complete just ONE cycle and shows what will happen when it begins to shut down. If you weren't concerned before, you should have a rethink. Scientists have begun to devise ways of monitoring the Belt and whatever your beliefs about climate change, the proof will be down to one thing, the Belt, is it slowing down, has it been affected.

Last Time Carbon Dioxide Levels Were This High: 15 Million Years Ago, Scientists Report - Science Daily

3 Opinion(s):

FishEagle said...

And so the story begins to unfold.

Anonymous said...

i find it amazing that the general public just gobble up these theories just because they were thought up by scientists(?). i detect a crucial assumption that is factually incorrect and throws a spanner in the works. lets see if anyone else picks it up too. (hint: betwee 1:30 and 2:00)

FishEagle said...

Anon, the best case scenario is that the scientists got it all wrong.