Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Charge Malema with hate speech and inciting racism - FF+

Malema and ANC Youth Management should be charged

The FF Plus will be formulating a legal opinion based upon the ANC party's constitution and the ANC’s policy documents according to which Julius Malema and the youth management are clearly contravening the ANC’s rules and should therefore be charged within the structures of the ANC. This will be handed to the ANC leadership for further action, failing which the FF Plus will be laying a complaint with the Human Rights Commission against the ANC Youth League for hate speech and inciting racism.

According to Adv. Anton Alberts, FF Plus Parliamentary spokesperson on Sport, it is now necessary to, in the name of peace and racial harmony in South Africa, formally discipline not only Malema, but the entire youth management.

"If President Zuma is prepared to get rid of poor mayors and other officials, which he has already done, how much more would the same discipline not be appropriate for their own youth? That is why the FF Plus calls on the ANC leadership to bring their youth members in line with President Zuma’s policy of reconciliation as a test of whether the ANC is serious about this or not,” Adv. Alberts said.

The FF Plus’ reaction follows on statements made by Mr. Floyd Shivambu, the ANC’s Youth League’s spokesperson, who, according to Rapport, had said that the majority of white people are racists and that they do not celebrate the victory of Caster Semenya because she is not white. He adds his comments to those which Malema is still consistently making with regards to the incident to spread suspicions and divisions and incite racial polarisation.

“Hitler continuously made racist statements about the Jewish people before the Second World War, which was discarded as innocent propaganda. Eventually it led to a formal program of ethnic cleansing. That is why these racist comments against the white minority in South Africa can not be discarded so lightly,” according to Adv. Alberts.

“White people in South Africa are becoming more worried about the reckless comments of the ANC Youth League and they are starting to feel more unsafe.

The sounds made by these young people, appears more and more to be the official statements of the ANC itself and is time now for the ANC to indicate clearly and firmly what their views are about white people in South Africa. The FF Plus is convinced that the majority of whites are not racist orientated, but that there is indeed a white/black polarisation building up under the apparent leadership of Malema and his youth commando,” Alberts said.

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Anonymous said...

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IOL.CO.ZA 13/10/09
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The bodies were identified as Willem and his wife Julie Le Roux.

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