Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Canadian Asylum Huntley Matter: Game On!

Apparently it is the view of the Canadian authorities that crimes against whites by blacks constitutes a 'jaundiced' view of facts, a gross 'distortion'. I would say almost 20 000 murders each year is a damning indictment of a government that has lost control of crime. Prove, say they, that the South African police and government are not protecting you. Prove, say they, that it isn't racially motivated. Well, 98% of crimes against whites is committed by blacks. Most police are black and there have been many reports of police fudging crime statistics and/or failing to record complaints much less investigate crimes and many more instances of racial outbursts by black police against whites, "white bitches", "white dogs" etc. Refer the Freedom Front Plus' and Agriforum's many complaints to the ANC regime which have been ignored. There is clearly an unwillingness and/or inability by authorities to protect its citizens and rein in the overt racism against whites who are singled out by police for special treatment as attested by the heavy-handed arrests in many instances of farmers in particular, sometimes sending squads of cars and helicopters with dozens of heavily armed black policemen to arrest a single unarmed farmer on the back of unsubstantiated claims by black complainants. Brandon Huntley's fears are well founded, concurred recently too by the Irish authorities in another application by a white South African. Good luck Brandon!

Click here to read the Canadian government Memorandum of Argument.

The Canadian government has slammed the ruling that granted asylum to "crime refugee" Brandon Huntley as perverse, irrational and based on a "jaundiced assessment" of South Africa.

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney wants that country's federal court to review immigration and refugee board chairman William Davis's decision to grant 31-year-old Huntley refugee status based on his race, and then to send Huntley's case back to the board for a rehearing.

Davis found that the South African government could not protect Huntley from persecution by "African South Africans", after hearing and accepting Huntley's evidence that he been attacked seven times by black South Africans and was called a "white dog" and a "settler".

In court papers, lawyers for Kenney tore into Davis for "equating random acts of violence and criminality which (Huntley) claims to have experienced in South Africa with persecution due to his race".

While noting that it was "indisputable" that crime was prevalent in South Africa, they stated that it affected all South Africans, regardless of their race.

Stating that the "onus rests on (Huntley) to show that the South African authorities are either unable or unwilling to offer him protection", the ministry said Huntley's explanation for why he failed to report any of the alleged attacks he had suffered was "unsupported by the evidence".

Huntley had "failed to discharge the heavy burden of showing that he was not required to seek protection from his own country before coming to Canada", they said.

Canadian government lawyers added that Davis's "disturbing" acceptance of Huntley's claims that he did not report the attacks because "the majority of the police are blacks who are not interested in protecting whites" was "flawed and unsupportable" for the following reasons:

  • The first two attacks that Huntley claimed to have suffered were in 1991 and 1992, "when minority rule under apartheid was still in place in South Africa".

  • There was "no evidence" that the apartheid police "would not have been interested in protecting a white person who had allegedly been assaulted by blacks".

  • While Huntley had not reported any of the attacks on him, his own family had "no difficulties" in reporting a robbery that they suffered in 2005. The police had investigated the crime.

    Ministry lawyers disputed Davis's claim that Huntley "would stand out like a 'sore thumb' due to his colour in any part of the country", calling it "unreasonable and perverse" to think Huntley would not fit in in large cities such as Pretoria or Cape Town, where whites make up close to 20 percent of the population.

    They further argue that Davis relied too heavily on the evidence of Lara Kaplan, a recent South African immigrant, in his finding that white South Africans were the victims of "mass genocide".

    The Canadian government said there was no evidence to support her genocide claims or her allegations about the hateful attitude of all black South Africans towards their white compatriots.
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    Anonymous said...

    I can't believe that people are surprised that a puppet government, such as that in Canada, wouldn't raise a finger to help a white person!

    Whatever your hopes for a Country for White Aficans, DO NOT expect any assistance from the Western World!
    Parhaps Russia or China would help you BUT definitely not the Anglo-American States! They have exactly what they want in SA.

    Anonymous said...

    Just in case there are still those who would believe that the Western World is NOT run by a group of "people" who move their puppets around at will (like Peter Hain in the previous post) here is a piece of historical fact which should help you realise the truth:
    During a 2004 debate between Obama and Keyes, while running for Illinois Senate:-
    "Keyes faulted Obama for not being a "natural born citizen", and in which Obama, by his quick retort, "So what? I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency", self-admitted that he was not eligible for the office. Seeing that an AP reporter is too professional to submit a story which was not based on confirmed sources (ostensibly the Obama campaign in this case), the inference seems inescapable: Obama himself was putting out in 2004, that he was born in Kenya."

    doodler said...

    This is great news!
    You know what is going to happen?

    Evidence will be lead in support of Huntley's case and this will be splashed across the world.

    I reckon a lot of us have sent his attorney backing in the form of reports, analyses, etc.
    No doubt a lot of people are going to sit up and take notice of the true state of affairs.

    The Canadians and the ANC should have kept their mouths shut, and allowed this to go away quietly.

    But in TKB style they couldn't.

    Loggi said...

    Quite right Doodler. This may just bite them in the ass.

    They do not need the crime stats on the front page before the world cup.

    Vanilla Ice said...

    Huntley is hooped. I suspect his case was dodgy to start with, but it has implications for others. Other than the war of 1812 (and even this is debatable) Canadians have never stuck their necks out. They are not about to now. They will follow the letter of the law, and seek opinion from sources they deem credible, which will be leftist groups. There is no way they will make an "on the ground" assessment. It will be too scary for them to report the truth; can you imagine? You can see from their argument; they believe that whites may be leaving but many are returning too. In other words, it is a myth that whites are leaving because of safety and persecution concerns. I will be very surprised if Huntley is able to beat the might of the Canadian government. Just unfortunate that the same rigorous process isn't applied to all refugees. As for the evidence that will be presented for "all to see"; don't hold your breath. It will be suppressed. Besides it boils down to this; crime affects all races (fact), crime affects whites disproportionately (fact), but they will argue that this has a historical foundation. They will say criminals pursue the have's, but the have's coincidentally happen to be white. They will ignore the cruel nature of the crimes, and brush them aside as being random. It is going to be a BIG fuck you. Also, please note how the document seems to remind whites, that Apartheid was oppressive and cruel. There is no way Canada will defend white South Africans, and neither will any other country for that matter.

    Vanilla Ice said...

    I have to add more. The have/have not argument is complete bullshit, but it is so pervasive that you will have an impossible task trying to prove otherwise. But if you are one of the historical have not's, no problem.

    Viking said...

    VI, that's unusually pessimistic of you!
    I think they'll let Huntley keep his status, to not do so will start another round of cases and appeals and they can't be bothered with that. After all, the number of refugees in Canada - they're only picking on this one because he's white.
    Huntley has more right to apply for refugee status than any other African (with a few exceptions), in that he is a minority in his own country and one that is openly discriminated against, and more importantly, scapegoated.
    I agree with the sentiment that this is a great opportunity to have the stats speak for themselves, and have previously silenced voices heard.

    FishEagle said...

    I agree with VI's sentiments. I hope things turn out differently but I have my doubts.

    Vanilla Ice said...

    @Viking. I hope I am wrong. I tell you what, if I am wrong I will pay for our beers and pole dance for FE. My recent run in with a pucker liberal Canadian made me a pessimist. And, let me tell you, if this goes against Huntley, without any redeeming factors, they will have lost my vote.

    Of course they are only picking on him because he is white (and not just any white, a westernised white supremecist South African); they are embarrassed. The MSM will not report the crime stat evidence; besides I have my doubts about Kaplan's ability. His sister didn't do a great job at giving evidence. She made some sweeping, unsubstantiated statements. You would have thought a lawyer would have tightened that up.

    Huntley does have more right to refugee status than many others, but Canada's argument is that there are pockets of white people, spread throughout the country, where he could fit in. That's like telling a Somalian that he can seek out a tribe in the distant hills, where he will be safe. It is ridiculous. There is an obvious double standard.

    Canada will be granted the right to a review, and Huntley will be reprocessed by a Congolese refugee board commissioner, with strict instructions. He is fucked.

    Vanilla Ice said...

    So they must be seen to fuck whitey, but it's okay to quietly continue letting in our doctors, engineers, accountants etc. They all know why, but they don't have the balls to tell the truth. They convince themselves that we all choose second class lifestyles, for economic reasons.

    FishEagle said...

    Pole dance? Wow!! :)

    Anonymous said...

    Let's be honest here. The Canadian government does not truly think that whites are not being persecuted in South Africa. They know that whites are the victims of racist attacks in South Africa.

    They just do not care.
    They just want everyone to belief that they think that whites are not the victims of racist attacks. They are sending out the message that other south Africans shouldn't try the same route.

    Currently the privately owned South African "reserve" bank with it's private shareholders are still firmly under the control of the NWO and until this changes they are content with whatever is happening in South Africa.

    The NWO does not care about the people of South Africa, they care about control and this they have. So why should they fix something that is not broken, seeing that it has no impact on them.

    So what we have here is a directive by the NWO to the Canadian government to go on record to say that Huntley's case has no merrit.
    This is because they do not want any changes in South Africa.

    They will probably let this one case slide, once they realise that it will attract attention about the curent situation in South Africa and as I've previously said, they don't want any changes in South Africa.

    Unfortnately for the NWO, they have chosen their bed fellows poorly.
    Malema and his ilk are itching to nationalise the mines and have even mentioned the natioalisation of the reserve bank.

    Eventually this will happen and then the NWO will be forced to implement changes, should they still want to lord it over South Africa.


    Anonymous said...

    @ Vanilla Ice: Instead of bad mouthing Brandon Huntley and his helpers, what are you personally doing to help Brandon Huntley in Canada?

    Vanilla Ice said...

    @Anon 4:29. To Johnny/Jane come lately. Given that you have difficulty interpreting a thread, I won't bother with a response.