Sunday, October 11, 2009

Banoons lose YET again!

Referee helps Bafana end losing streak

And now they are getting very angry. That’s right, blame the F**king coach! Here’s a book for the dummy bafoona losers. You couldn't kick a football through a wet paper towel you losers. Maybe you should go on strike or play the race card…Assholes…

Oslo - The future tenure of South African coach Joel Santana was plunged into further uncertainty at the weekend as the World Cup hosts lost again and his own players spoke of their frustration at the spiral of continuing defeat.

A 1-0 defeat by Norway in Oslo on Saturday in their latest preparatory match means South Africa have now lost seven of their last eight internationals and show little sign of becoming anything but a minor sideshow at next year's finals.

Santana said he was still confident in his position and of making progress on delivering a competitive side.

But captain Aaron Mokoena said the team were now desperate to turn around their fortunes.

The string of unconvincing performances, plus a change of leadership in the South Africa Football Association, could spell the end for Santana, the 60-year-old Brazilian who has lost half of his 26 games in charge since taking the job in May 2008.

New Safa president Kirsten Nematandani promised to fire the coach in his pre-election manifesto but since winning the poll last month has merely appointed a group of three South African coaches to assess whether Santana is making any headway.

Saturday's performance against Norway would not have helped his cause with South Africa creating few chances and being fortunate not to have been more severely punished for several defensive lapses.

But Santana said of the friendly: "These matches are designed for training. When we get to the World Cup it will be a different game."

Portsmouth defender Mokoena, closing in on 100 caps for his country, said: "It's been difficult take all these defeats. All of us are angry about not getting results."

South Africa meet Iceland in Reykjavik on Tuesday and have two more matches this year in November at home to Japan and Jamaica. - Reuters

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Viking said...

They should start small and work their way up. Maybe the Seychelles or the Comoros Islands teams could be booked for a friendly?

Exzanian said...

Viking. They have a pretty damn good coach. Plus they have started small a loooong time ago. Santana has been trying to feed them little bits and build them up. Real baby steps. They could not even beat Iraq!...The guys went on strike for more pay a few months ago...I'm really surprised that they have not pulled the race card yet.

h said...

Perhaps after the World Cup FIFA will get sued for being racists and not dropping standards or allowing these losers to win. They are a real pathetic bunch. They have had everything they needed to prove themselves, but it just shows how stupid and lazy blacks are en masse. the more there are, the dumber and dumber they collectively become. IQ get's diluted even further when there are crowds of them (kinda like government and public service)

Viking said...

... how about letting them have 15 on a team??