Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baboona Baboona sink to 85th place

I'll keep saying it: you can't fix stupid. The system is run by blacks for blacks and operated like a hawker's stall. The game is awash with money, the big men are in it for the moola and the players don't give a stuff. There is no pride, no fire in the belly, no will to eek out even draws. Wins are a bonus. There is a well-known Australian saying that goes something like this and explains why Aussies are per capita the most successful nation in sport: you don't come off the field unless you are bleeding, physically. You give everything, every game, every match. Our players hardly break a sweat. Pathetic. I predict we will lose all our games in WC2010 and the stadiums will be empty after that. At least the games will be quieter.

South African soccer followers may have felt like embracing the title of Alan Paton's famed anti-apartheid novel and proclaimed "Cry the Beloved Country" as Bafana Bafana's world ranking slumped to a 16-year low yesterday.

The world rankings released by Fifa have South Africa plummeting a further 13 places to an ignominious 85th position following the nightmarish sequence in which Bafana have lost eight of their past nine matches.

Not since 1993 when South Africa were ranked 95th after the re-admission into Fifa 12 months earlier have Bafana been so low - a far cry from the all-time high of 16th place held briefly in 1996 after winning the African Nations Cup. - Pretoria News

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Exzanian said...

It's crying shame but there you go. Give the blacks ownership of something and it ALL comes crashing down, whatever the sphere of endeavour.

Anonymous said...

Let's remember that when they won the African Nations Cup it was under the leadership of Neil Tovey - a white guy who could actually play the game. The team also had a few other white players including, I believe, Mark Fish. That's why they won. Let's have a look at what happened after Tovey left and all other whites became persons non grata....just sayin.