Friday, October 16, 2009

The arrogance of African logic

Joe King sent this in. How to win friends and influence people while attracting foreign investment, the “African” way. I am sure that this will be a deterrent to any Japanese who wants to enter an African country as a refugee (lol). Pay special attention to the righteous judge who feared the Japanese man might "disappear" amongst the blacks in Namibia. One cannot make this shit up!

Japanese film scout in trouble

A Japanese national, Takano Makoto (36), has been found guilty of working illegally in Namibia while carrying a holiday permit.

Swakopmund Magistrate Hannelie Prinsloo on Wednesday sentenced Makoto to pay a fine of N$10 000 or spend 12 months in prison.

He was ordered to leave Namibia within 48 hours from the time of his sentence – so he should be gone by today. Makoto was arrested at Swakopmund last Wednesday.

He was scouting for film locations in Namibia, as well as investigating possible recruits for a film that would allegedly have been produced in this country. [scouting involves looking around so strictly speaking hardly working..]

A camera and long lens was confiscated but he had not apparently done any filming or employed anyone in Namibia for the planned film. [oh dear, a tourist taking photographs...the horror]

He arrived in Namibia on October 1 with a holiday permit, although he was assigned by a Japanese employer based in Tokyo to come to Namibia.

Makoto made his first court appearance last Friday, and was charged with contravening a section in the Immigration Control Act by entering Namibia and doing work unlawfully without a work permit. [he was having a look around numbnut. He was not working and receiving a salary from a Namibian source so technically he was not working in Namibia]

On Wednesday, with Christo van Rensburg defending him, Makoto pleaded guilty to the charge.
Magistrate Prinsloo said circumstances would have been different for Makoto if he had a work permit. [well, there goes the foreign investors who come on holidays to scout for opportunities]

“The problem is, you entered on false pretences. This is an offence that is escalating in southern Africa with many refugees and immigrants coming into the countries without permission. There are also many holidaymakers that come in and just vanish,” said Prinsloo.
[many African holidaymakers...? Oxymoron or just a moron?]

“Namibia is currently more fortunate than its SADC neighbours in that this happens to a lesser extent, and this is how we want to keep it. Namibia welcomes tourists but then we expect courtesy from them, in that they come here to enjoy our country and not work.”

She said Makoto’s concerns about conditions at the Swakopmund Police cells being appalling were noted but there was not much she could do.

“You can just be lucky this happened in Namibia. It could’ve been worse elsewhere, where you would have stayed in jail and been forgotten. I’m sure you’ve learned a lesson,” she said.
[Yes, you stupid First World Jap, how dare you sneak into Namibia to wek]

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