Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Anti-white discrimination

Do you know that in the United States you can register an organisation that reflects pride in your ethnicity or race, indeed it is welcomed - but not if you are white? Professing pride in your race if you are white is flatly verboten and it confounds me that most people meekly go along with that. Here's another example of the anti-white bias in society.

The Jostens Ring Company will produce a pride ring for you. That's right, their 2009 ring catalogue distributed to junior students lists the choices on offer. Note the 'Achiever' Collection and who they picked to represent both the boys and girls category.
No whites need apply.

Am I the only one outraged by this? Where is the ACL
U and the myriad so-called anti-discrimination groups who crawl from out of their holes every time a non-white shouts "racist"? I hope our north American readers will do something about this. Remember, March 21st every year whites around the world celebrate their pride in being white. Basta!

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Dachshund said...

If that blows your mind, and if you haven't seen this vid on anti-white discrimination yet, check it out:

Anonymous said...

It doesn't really upset me. Truth be told; these guys so desperately aspire to be white that they try and invent institutions, symbols and artefacts that they hope will one day be cherished, respected and admired as being worth something. Of course none of them ever will, and they know it. A Timex will never be a Rolex, no matter how you package it.

Sean Williams said...

The whole point of a black society is that it strives to reflect a minority in society and push forward their ethics (this doesn't mean I agree with these ridiculous rings). This could never apply to a white rally etc because in the countries you describe, the white man is by a mile the most populous - hence why in the US it's easier for a white man to get into power (aside from the current president, a great exception to the rule if you look at those in the Senate)

Therefore the idea of 'white power' does not merely promote 'white views' but actively excludes those of its compatriot races.

Besides, name me any white power party who does not harbour some anti-black views? I'm sure you can name me a load...

As for Dachshund's vid - there are arguments on both sides and yes, it's a grey area, but the point he's making (badly) is that white men are already afforded much more perks in life than their minority counterparts. Positive discrimination is a difficult subject as a) it sets out to right wrongs already in society, but b) it necessarily discriminates against the (mostly white) majority.

Anonymous said...

Pride goeth before a fall!

Anonymous said...

@Sean Sean, you really are a deluded apologist. You say white men are "afforded" perks, as if to suggest that they are not entitled. You have been badly indoctrinated.

Is it not reasonable to assume that white men have earnt their perks and privilege. Look around you, the life you enjoy is as a result of white ingenuity.

There is no obligation, on the part of whites, to ensure that blacks are kept equal. Blacks need to achieve this for themselves, and they increasingly show us that they are incapable, despite all the advantages being afforded them. Oh, but I forget, you will use Apartheid or slavery as a convenient scapegoat.

In the meantime, the whites will continue to advance, earn the money and pay the taxes, that prop up the blacks.

Now that you have had your rant, why don't you run along, and go revise another spot of history.

Islandshark said...

Well said VI!

Exzanian said...

Sean said "This could never apply to a white rally etc because in the countries you describe, the white man is by a mile the most populous"
Not in SA pal. Show me a white community that can celebrate it's minority ethnicity and pride in being of european descent without being associated (along with ridicule, hatred and contempt) with the likes of the AWB?

AMB said...

@Sean - you really should wake up man. Why must the blacks always validate who they are by bringing whites down? I didn't get any freebees in life - why should they? I got where I am by applying myself and not looking with long eyes at what the next person has. If you do you might as well stay in bed. And why don't you name me a black power party who doesn't promote their own people and exclude other races like our esteemed ANC. Take those blinkers off and smell the roses.

Anonymous said...

Very good VI. If whites "enjoy perks" then it is perks earned. Sean, if you want the same "perks", fu*king earn it. I'm not obligated to give you anything, share anything, or stand aside for you. My culture, my civilisation uplifted you, you can go along for the ride or step back into the paleo world as VI puts it, nobody's forcing you. You don't have to live in the white man's world.

You have an entire continent to turn into your utopia. Out of 900 million people in Africa, just 5 million are white so there you go, you have the fu*king place back all to yourself. Strut your stuff without whitey, show us what you've got. So far, we're not very impressed.

We'll leave the ingenuity, infrastructure and institutions as a freebie for all the trouble. And the knowledge of how to mine the gold, diamonds and oil etc under your feet. Yes, yes, it was there all that time and you didn't even know it.

See if you can maintain what we built let alone improve on it. So far, the past 50 years show your lot aren't doing very well.

Oh yes, is it ok if the world stops the donor aid too? You don't want whites, you shouldn't be taking their money.

Anonymous said...

Jeez... Those things are FUGLY!!!

Only fags and rug-lickers will ever wear a ring that ugly. Although an array of them on each finger would make a really good knuckle duster.

@ Sean... GET A LIFE... Go outside and smell the humus you're feeding on.