Monday, October 05, 2009

Another farmer killed

What foreigners and certain leftwing readers of ILSA do not understand is that crime in South Africa as the SP stated recently is abnormal, seriously, it's fucked up shit. Sure there is crime everywhere but your chances of being hurt elsewhere in the world is negligible whereas your chances of coming out unscathed in a home invasion in South Africa is very small. Someone will get raped, tortured or killed and that's the difference right there. South Africa is fine to live in - until the criminals get to you and believe me, it's not if, it's when they get to you. And when they do, you had better hope you and your loved ones get out unscathed.

How much was this man's life worth, a farmer, a rare breed, a productive member of society - how much was his life worth? Two cellphones and a laptop. South Africa slips further into the mire. Gawd, I'm sick of reading these headlines.

South Africa's Silent Genocide continues

Cullinan -
A farmer was killed when three men robbed his house in Cullinan on Monday morning, police said.

Constable Sally Skosana said three men entered the farm north of Pretoria during the early hours of Monday.

"The farm owner's wife heard the dogs barking and went outside to investigate. The three men then pointed a firearm at her and entered the house."

When the farm owner woke up to investigate, one of the men shot him in the chest and he died instantly.

The robbers took off with two cellphones and a laptop.

They were said to have earlier broken into another farm house in the area and stolen a rifle.

"The owners of the house were away during the robbery."

No one was arrested in connection with the incident and police were investigating a case of murder and house robbery, said Skosana. - SAPA

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