Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ANC minister says Zim-style farm invasions can be repeated in South Africa

When Mugarbage visits South Africa he is hailed by the ANC as a conquering hero despite sitting on a pile of dung called Zimbabwe. They cheer him because they think he handed whitey a lesson. He didn't of course, he got land to dish out among his chums that now sits idly while his people starve. The displaced whites meanwhile have resumed farming elsewhere in Africa, Australia and New Zealand etc. Yeah, some comeuppance.

The attitude of the ANC ought to tell you the hatred the ANC feels for you. That blacks are eating rats and grass in Zim is irrelevant, what matters is dominating a race that just won't submit. It's about payback.

Have no illusions about the ANC's ultimate intentions. It wants to take everything from whites. Jobs were the first to go. You pay the highest tax in the world proportionate to the little services you receive. The public sector is largely a white-exclusion zone and increasingly the private sector is being targeted. If it could invade farms it would do so in the blink of an eye. The only thing preventing that happening is that some in the ANC know a Zimbabwe will happen in South Africa. Already the hundreds of failed black farms bears testament that they can't even manage the slow transfer of farms now much less the sudden transfer of thousands of farms.

And with whitey forced out, the tax cow leaves and who will pay for the lifestyle they've become accustomed to. I mean just today comes news that Trevor Manuel has just acquired hisself a Beemer worth R1,2 mil. This costs money folks, mostly white tax money.

Still, the rhetoric about land invasions from Messrs Malema and co, the re-introduction of the land expropriation bill plus now the Land Reform minister barking his two cent's worth goes on. Either this means they are too stupid to understand the consequences including scaring away investors, are bluffing or confident they can go it alone. The danger is once they've decided to go down this path and begin invading farms, what stops them from taking other property, say, your home, or business? You did, after all "steal" everything from black people. See where I'm going with this?


ANC Minister's Zimbabwe remarks irresponsible
- FF+

The threat of the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Mr. Gugile Nkwinti, that Zimbabwe’s land and farm invasions can be repeated in South Africa, is irresponsible and creates huge uncertainty in the farming community,” Dr. Pieter Mulder, FF Plus Leader and Deputy Minister of Agriculture said in response to Minister Nkwinti’s comments.

Minister Nkwinti said in Vryheid, KwaZulu-Natal: “We have seen what happened in Zimbabwe, it will happen here because land is a key question in liberation”.

Minister Nkwinti also referred to the fact that the government does not have enough money to buy land from farmers and that the land reform is suffering as a result thereof.

“The inevitable conclusion which could be drawn from by the South African agricultural community is that the Minister is sub-consciously encouraging the Zimbabwe type land reform. This is not in the interest of anybody in South Africa,” according to Dr. Mulder.

“Because uncertainty about land reform is already threatening food security in South Africa, comments like these make it more difficult and not easier to get the cooperation of commercial farmers. These comments are experienced by farmers as a hidden threat and black mail,” Dr. Mulder added.

At the same event, Minister Nkwinti expressed his concern about the hundreds of farms which have become unproductive since their transfer to new owners.

“Before the Minister makes comments about Zimbabwe type land reform in South Africa, the various models should be looked at to make farms which have been bought and have already been transferred to the new owners, productive. Only through this will food security in South Africa be promoted,” was Dr. Mulder’s reaction to the comments.

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how much they lose, loot, trash, destroy or steal. There will always be foreign aid.

Viking said...

you're right Anon.

When will they learn that you can't eat land .

Anonymous said...

Viking said: "When will they learn that you can't eat land ."

They are very aware of this fact, Viking. Indeed, when left to their own devices they all choose to live on top of each other with thousands of hectares between them and the next tribe. No, it's about what they're told to do. They are INSTRUCTED to get rid of the white africans or they'll not get western aid (and fancy cars for the chiefs etc)! Once the white africans are out of the way, western nations can simply exchange food aid for minerals or other raw materials... hand over or starve!

Simple really!

Anonymous said...

There is a video on Carteblanche on their webiste where they gave land to the blacks in the Midlands and all they make between them is R50 a year in profit.

Anonymous said...

In response to post 1 and 2:

Viking said: "When will they learn that you can't eat land ."

When the foreign aid stops.