Sunday, October 11, 2009

60% of Traffic fines posted to "As Above"

AAhhh, the fruits of the new Bantu Style education in SA. First year university students can barely read and write. No doubt many of the recently qualified are working for the NEW! IMPROVED! E-NATIS! system. To go for a job interview there, I reckon the only difficult question you have to answer is "How many fingers have you got?" (and I'm pretty sure many mutely spread all ten of their long ones) Seriously though, when I read this article on News24 I could feel my jaw drop.

This sends the level of black incompetence sky rocketing to new heights (or plunging to unknown depths, whichever you prefer) 60% of fines have been mislaid by inefficient idiots in the traffic department across the whole SA because, well, because the people working there are stupid.

Let's see, the address says "As Above" I ponder this deeply, what does it mean? Before I enter this important information into this new super duper software system (imported from overseas no doubt) I had better get it right...What do I do? Do I lift my eyes to "Above?" NOSIRRRR - I am an African, it is too much like wek. I punch it right in! Does the person handling the post (is there a supervisor, a manager anywhere to be seen??!) not question just how the hell thousands of letters addressed to "As Above" are ever going to reach any destination whatsoever except the dump? Nah, job done, eish, can I have an increase e-please?

Pretoria - "As above" is the address to which thousands of traffic-fine notices issued each month are erroneously sent at a cost of R3m in postage.

This gobsmacking statistic has emerged from a recent metro police chiefs' report on flaws in the Aarto system, as well as from conversations with persons closely involved. Aarto is the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Act.

The system, which includes a penalty-points system that could ultimately cost serial road-regulation offenders their driving licences, is to be implemented countrywide next year. The metro police chiefs say that the eNaTIS system's address list is being used to send notices of traffic fines to vehicle owners by registered post. But at least 60% of these addresses are incorrect.

This has been confirmed by Ranthoko Rakgoale, CEO of the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), which administers Aarto. Sake24 has discovered that eNaTIS draws its information from forms which first ask motorists to provide residential and then postal addresses.

When completing the postal address field, many motorists write: "As above". This "address" is then captured by eNaTIS. When traffic-fine notices are generated by the system, the information in the postal-address field is copied to the notice for the Post Office to deliver by registered post.

As a result of this, and other administrative errors, up to 60% of the notices are returned undelivered. The Post Office is believed to be struggling to handle the volumes of Aarto notices. Rakgoale said a legislative amendment is planned for next year to permit alternative service suppliers and methods
of delivery to be used.

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h said...

They may just use the race car on this one too. You know, those "white mans inventions" like paper and computers are not made for low IQ yard apes.

This is just another example of how stupid blacks are. If you string all of these sorts of pearls together, you get just another failed african state.

Eish, but you can bet your ass that there will still be bonuses for the execs involved. All paid for by the tax payers nogal. Viva ANC, viva!

Viking said...


even idiot-proof has to be given a new meaning..

Exzanian said...

Besides the AK47, idiot proof has no validity in Africa. Is there another means of splitting the atom besides fission? You give it to a black and tell him not to break it...

FishEagle said...

Lol. Very funny Exzanian!

Doberman said...

Ha ha ha! "As above". Just when you thought it couldn't get any dumber. Those racist computers.