Thursday, September 17, 2009

Zille swoons over Zuma

Jacob "do-I-make-you-horny-baby" Zuma has some serious mojo over the ladies. 2014 is a long way away so too soon to be making waves over a very contentious issue. Major changes now would rattle investors in the midst of a severe recession. Best to keep things calm. There's still time before 2014.

The ANC can't risk losing more provinces (and thus power) which it is certain to do in 2014. Scrapping provinces is a ploy to centralise power, we know that because it will still have the popular vote, enough to control parliament. Methinks Ms Zille has been flummoxed by old showerhead. Who's got the Grade 5 education eh? Zuma,, wily old dog.

All he said m'dear, per your own words, was that he would call you to "discuss" it when it came time to scrap the provinces. That's all. And we know what "discussing" issues with the ANC entails: they do whatever they want. Ask the Scorpions.


DA leader says two-hour meeting with SA president was "constructive"

Cape Town (Sapa) - President Jacob Zuma has no plans at present to do away with the provinces, Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille reported on Wednesday.

Speaking to journalists outside Tuynhuys in Cape Town after a two-hour meeting with Zuma, she said the president had given her a guarantee that were this to change, he would first discuss the matter.

"On the future of the provinces, President Zuma said there was no idea at present to scrap the provinces, or to take away powers of the provinces.

"And he gave me a guarantee that if that were to change at anytime in the future, he would call us in and have a discussion."

Zille said she had asked for the meeting, which dealt with national political matters, as well as issues pertaining to the Western Cape, of which she is premier.

She described Zuma as more accessible than his predecessor.

"In terms of availability, there is a great improvement. If I phone the president's office, I do get appointments."

She said the meeting had been friendly.

Asked if the meeting had been positive, she replied: "It was positive, it was constructive, although we disagreed on many issues."

Among other things, Zuma had agreed to look very carefully at her objections to the single public service.

"And he has also agreed to take very carefully into account our views on the 17th Constitution Amendment Bill, although I have no doubt they're going to go ahead with that bill," she said.

Other key issues discussed included the independence of state institutions, the Judicial Service Commission, the SA Broadcasting Corporation's board, and "various others".

"The discussions focused on the independence [of state institutions] from the ruling party, which is a point I stressed repeatedly," Zille said.

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Anonymous said...

Charm shwarm. The poor get social grants because they won't ever get jobs. The country is in FAST de-industrialisation mode.

Blame the ANC for the self enriching slime that they are, including Jacob "I'm just like the poor, Thabo was nasty to me too" Zuma.

Anonymous said...

Surely by taking away the "provinces", the power of magesterial districts will increase, and the one-worlders will actually lose out as the different ethnic groups of the so-called country of South Africa CHOOSE their own regions in which to live, thereby increasing their autonomy! Many more small governments will have greater power because those living there have the power to turn off the taps (in the form of rates and taxes) until they get representatives of THEIR choosing!
It's already happening in certain magesterial districts.

Common Sense

Exzanian said...

So Zille is not so sharp after all. Mind you, can't blame her too much, just another casualty in the war of attrition that seems to be the way the ANC does things. They call it "engaging" It's just a way to suss you out and wear you down mentally until you are so bone weary and punch drunk you either cave in or leave...