Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Why We Stay Away From Our Men In Blue

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I just love it when tiny bits of data are released by different departments, without any of them considering how these can be weaved together to form a picture.

Recently the police, you know that uprighteous organisation that Brandon Huntley should have turned to, released information pertaining to rape, murder and attempted murder committed by members of the force.

I summed the data and expressed it as a ratio per 100,000. I then took the prisons data, using race incarceration rates, as well as the police data for reported murders, rapes and attempted murders. I then calculated the reported rates per 100,000, per race group. You will recall from my earlier study that some race groups have a higher propensity to commit violent crime.

One of the problems with the comparison was that the internal police data refers to members, not number of offences. Whereas the SAPS crime data is reported offences, and is probably grossly under-reported. Anyway, this may not pose a problem because if we adjust for under-reporting, this has the effect of raising the number of offences. Then, if we adjust for multiple offences per perpetrator, this has the effect of reducing the numbers again. So I thought it prudent to use the data as provided.

What do we find? Startling, as usual.

The police force commit murder, attempted murder and rape at a rate of 70.22 per 100,000.

Whites and Asians commit murder, attempted murder and rape at a rate of 36.06 per 100,000.

Blacks commit murder, attempted murder and rape at a rate of 182.04 per 100,000, even after giving them benefit of the doubt for added illegal immigration numbers.

It is little consolation that the police are 2.59 times safer than black perpetrators, when in fact the police are 1.95 times more deadly than whites or Asians in general.

No wonder whites have no confidence in the police. But it is clear that blacks do, since it is still safer for them.

By the way, I keep mentioning black perpetrators since it is only liberals that need to have it explained that a reference to blacks does not mean all blacks.

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Thank you for providing this stats.
Without looking at the source of the figures and not critisising you, the ratio of about 5.04 black rapists and murderer to one white of this caliber seems still a huge compliment to the blacks. Instinctivly I doubt it. I would peg this ratio rather somewhere around 20/30 to 1.

Vanilla Ice said...

@Whiteadder. You are completely correct. So we should view it as a minimum. The reason for that, is that the prison stats break down by race group, but not by crime type. The only stat on violent crime is the 56%. So you have to assume that each race group is equally represented. So the only differentiators are the incarceration rates. But it is highly likely the whites have a lot fewer violent criminals. Moreover, prison stats do not tell us how many violent criminals are out on bail or parole.