Saturday, September 05, 2009

Whites ARE being targeted by blacks in South Africa

They want evidence that whites are being targeted do they? The State may not be involved although many would argue they are complicit by their refusal and inaction to prevent crime but someone appears to have forgotten to inform ordinary black thugs to leave whites alone.


Whites ‘no longer welcome in the streets of Johannesburg’

Pieter du Preez [who is white (for you foreigners)] robbed by huge black crowd in Johannesburg

Beeld reader Pieter du Preez writes that on 3 September 2009 that he and a black colleague were walking in the streets of Johannesburg recently.

“We were both neatly dressed. A group of about eight black people grabbed me and robbed me. My black colleague who tried to help was held at gunpoint, forced to stand and watch my ordeal among a crowd of hundreds of blacks who all stood by and watched as I was publicly humiliated and strip-searched for valuables and robbed.

My black colleague was told by blacks amongst the crowd that this ‘robbery’ was just a lesson that white people aren’t welcome in the streets of Johannesburg any longer."

Perhaps we whites should create a website where racist attacks like this are published for the rest of the world to read. Beeld


KRUGERSDORP - Amanda Roesthoff of Beeld newspaper reports that David Jacobs, 38, an Afrikaner father and his eleven-year-old son Divan fought back fiercely with their bare hands against a group of armed black males who attacked the sleeping family inside their Blouberg Street, Summerville home.

One black man placed his gun against Mr David Jacobs chest and pulled the trigger twice – but it failed to fire. It’s just fate, said Jacobs who is a project manager working for a Noordheuwel construction company.

“Then the old defence-force thing kicked in, you know. If you hear the shot, you know you are still alive. If you don’t, then there’s problems' the relieved dad said.

Police caught three armed black men several hours later in the veld nearby after a helicopter hunt – and they are being questioned as suspects in a police cell.

Jacobs said he and his wife Nellie, 32, were asleep in their bedroom when their daughter Denise, 9, suddenly appeared and told them she ‘wasn’t feeling well’. Denise was put down on a couch in her parents’ en-suite living room on the upper level of their security townhouse while Jacobs went to the bathroom. It was then that he realised there was a problem, he kept hearing constant growling from their doberman-pinschers outside in the garden.

He was on full alert as he walked back to his wife and daughter who noticed a ‘dark shape’ in the living room corner next to the stairs. Mr Jacobs grabbed a candelabra and shouted “Haai, wena!” and bashed the black man standing there in the face. The man slid back down the stairs while his armed comrade rushed upstairs and pressed his gun on Jacobs’chest pulling the trigger twice. Two clicks but the gun failed.

Meanwhile their son Divan described as a sturdy grade-four pupil at the primary school Roodekrans in Roodeport also stormed in. “Divan is not a little man and he threw his cool-drink glass which he always took with him to his bedroom each night from the upper level straight at the second man at the bottom of the stairs hitting his head” said Jacobs. That man then punched Divan in the face and stomach to get away from the eleven-year-old.

Jacobs said when the armed man’s gun failed to go off, he also kicked the gunman downstairs who fell all the way to the ground floor, then stood up and started fighting with the two Jacobs males, trying to get the robbers out of the front door. Alas, one punch thrown by Mr Jacobs instead hit the front door window, he said. The attackers fled through the broken bathroom window grabbing Jacob's wrist watch lying nearby on a table as they ran.

Neighbours came rushing over due to the commotion while the security guard posted at the complex had also already called the MSR-security company and the police. Shortly thereafter, there was a sudden rush of security around the house with a police helicopter hovering above to chase the gang down. Beeld

Source: Censorbugbear Reports

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drpat said...

just leave that place already. im in a country where one might see a black person every 10 years. miss everything about sa but will never miss them monkeys. starting to even forget what its like living with them around.. so good .. so good. let them live in thier own animal kingdom, then we should observe them as we do on national geo and enjoy the show as they eat each other alive. oh and i also got ambushed many times. not awsome at all...

Viking said...

where do you live - Greenland?
I grew up in the whitest country in Western Europe and now 2% of its population is black, half of those on welfare the other half employed in the, er, "informal sector".
The Mbondos of Lagos, coming to your neighbourhood soon: lock up your daughter.

Anonymous said...

well its about time you all got a taste of your medicine that you give to everybody else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:21. Expand on what you are suggesting. If you are suggesting that whites are a marauding, violent mob with a penchant for rape and murder, then you are delusional or ignorant. Take your pick.

Oink said...

T think even the most positive of us are starting to doubt. 2 murders, 2days, 1 neighbourhood.

Anonymous said...

Someone with money should subsidize a daily 'advertisement' with graphic stories like this and pictures, in selected western newspapers.

Start with the New York Times, the Guardian and the Toronto Star. Then move on to CNN.

Shove it down their stupid throats til they can't deny it any more. Then keep forcefeeding it.