Friday, September 18, 2009

WHITE, the new Black

By J Byron Davis

For decades now, liberal black leaders have read from the same playbook, “Blacks cannot be prejudiced because they are not in power. Only those in power can be bigots”. Hence, the term “Black Power” was merely pride within a powerless group, “White Power”, was a term of hate speech and bigotry.

Ebony, a magazine for blacks, by blacks and only black advertisers, a cultural pillar with the community. Ivory, a magazine for whites, by whites and only whites advertisers, a intolerant hate publication.

The United Negro College Fund (which also reaches out to a whooping 2.7% poor whites) is a wonderful organization dedicated to the advancement of certain people exclusively. The United Poor White College Fund was jeered and closed after being denied any serious consideration by the government establishment. Since poor whites make up the vast majority of poverty in this country, one might have thought that such an organization would have been allowed to exist. I can’t take the time and space here, but the list could go on forever.

Thank God and hello 2009! “White Guilt” has finally toppled the scales. The black community is now in power, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Finally we as white people can now grab the title of oppression and mistreatment.

According to OPM.Gov, the congressional reporting office, blacks make up 10.2% of the overall civilian labor pool, yet they are over double that in the employed federal workforce. 37% of HUD, 36% of education, 87% of CSOS, 32% of state rolls, and the list is endless. The above numbers are during the middle of the Bush era. Today blacks represent at least double their population percentage in government power, yielding controls in great numbers above their representation within the bureaucracy.


I am sick and tired of all the racial crap overflowing my river. I am sick of seeing black on white hate crime being ignored or minimized (in the rationale of keeping the peace), and seeing white on black hate crimes make every headline in the country. I am tired of reporters having to use the freedom of information act to get hidden statistics from government documents, such as 70 whites are killed by blacks for every 1 black killed by whites (2004). I am tired of seeing white comedians and commentators run out town on a rail for racial remarks, when every black comedian, rapper and commentator do far worse routinely to no response.

Mostly I am sick of white guilt. Yes, “some” of our white forefathers should have had that guilt, they deserved it. Yes, “most” blacks were treated horribly in past generations. News flash, it was not me! News flash, if it weren’t for the “Vast Majority” of whites, it never would have changed!

I wasn’t the one who oppressed anyone, I wasn’t the one who stood for change, hell I don’t give a damn what skin color anyone has, I just want to be left alone. If I see racial injustice on any side, why can’t I say so?

OK, to the point of this article. Here is the great “unstated” truth of which everyone is aware but afraid to say publically, “If President Obama were not black, would he have been elected?.”

He was one of the thousands with a fancy Ivy League law degree. He taught a college class at Chicago University, he was a black community activist employed by a corrupt ACORN arm, spent 6 years in local politics and spent one, yes less than one term in the US Senate.

It is without question that Governor Palin had a much better resume’, and yet was constantly ridiculed for her lack of experience in government.

This article is not trying to make a point of race, rather to NOT make a point about race. Enough is enough! In my opinion we have put an unqualified man in our highest office because of race. We cannot point it out because of race, we ignore certain stories because of race, we focus on others because of race.

When will it stop. Below are the 2007 race and poverty stats for our country. By race/ethnicity and family status.

Among married families: 5.8% of all people[17] including 5.4% of white persons, [18] 8.3% of black persons, [19] and 14.9% of Hispanic persons (of any race) [20] were in poverty.

We are within 2.9% of each other. Close enough. Hell I’d gladly take the 2.9% difference with the blacks if we could just stop all the race crap!

I believe there is a day coming when men of all colors can say what’s on their minds without fear of being called a racist. I believe a day is coming when skin color doesn’t matter. I also believe sadly, it won’t be in my lifetime due to the continuing guilt of liberal whites and the marketing of blacks as victims in this, most unprejudiced, country.

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I Know Things said...

why don't we get an orginization called the NAACP(N.A.for the Advancement of Caucasian People)?
why can't we have a United White college fund? why is being proud to be white "abhorrent" when everyone gets 'black pride' shoved in our faces every day? why is wanting to stay true to my Heritage denied to me, but blacks get to hear about Skaka Zulu all the time? why do blacks have to be inserted into every movie about White stories? why is any movie lacking non-white considered "racist" why is being 'Racist' bad?
All I want is to remain true to my Cajun/European roots. I want to marry a White man, and I get mail from blacks insisting I commit ethnic suicide on my family line by miscegenation?! They insist that mix breeds are "healthier" but I know the opposite to be true!
I'm tired of "white guilt" I am White and Proud! I love the Renaissance Faire, I love the works of J.R.R. Tolkein! I love the music of Wagner, Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Bach, Saga and Skrewdriver! I love the art of Leonardo DA Vinci, Monet, and the aesthetics of Steampunk!
I am proud of my ethnic ancestry, and I will not be shouted down with cries of "racist" anymore, I'm APPROPRIATING the term for Whites ONLY! if you think this is unjust: Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock!

Anonymous said...

@ IKT, who said "I am White and Proud!" Hell yeah. Say it loud and say it often!

Anonymous said...

The Americans are starting to talk the talk that the white SA's have been shouting for the last 15 years. Welcome to our world.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:34, correct. Unlike us, I hope it's not too late for them.