Monday, August 31, 2009

Where is Hlophe?

Western Cape Judge President John Hlophe was not back in his office at the High Court on Monday, court staff said.

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) last week decided not to pursue a misconduct investigation against Hlophe.

The decision followed claims by two Constitutional Court judges last May that he approached them about the now abandoned corruption case against President Jacob Zuma.

Hlophe, who was on special leave while the matter was before the JSC, was expected to return to work on Monday.

However, his secretary said on Monday afternoon he "hasn't arrived yet".

She had no idea when he would come in.

Other court staff said they did not know whether Hlophe's deputy, Jeanette Traverso, was still acting judge president

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Exzanian said...

al weer babalas

Anonymous said...

Nog steeds dronk.

Anonymous said...

Little off topic but does anyone know why 'Boerevryheid have changed their website so it no longer reads: "Vryheid voor 2010"?
And if they can't get us our own country before 2010, does anyone know who can?

Quark said...

I just love the poster.