Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When Louis met the Boer leader

Old BBC interview with Eugene Terreblanche. I agree with the "you can have Johannesburg" part, but the logic of turning Gauteng into a Bantustan within two boer republics escapes me. The handshake at the end of the interview is only fit viewing for really sensitive gays ... I mean gays ... I mean GUYS!

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Ron. said...

I almost posted this video myself as it illustrates that the Boer Republicans do not want Johannesburg in their attempts at freeing their countries / republics from the grip of the British created South African macro State as the entire city is disclaimed by the Boer Republicans. Just a shame that Terreblanche is considered the "face" of the Boer independence movement because as Fritz Meyer pointed out towards the beginning of this same doc: " Terreblanche has done a lot of harm to our just cause".[ Which is why the BBC promotes him as the "Boer leader".] Too bad that portion with Meyer is never posted [ on its own ] because it is clear the BBC has an agenda at promoting Terreblanche as the "leader" of the Boer Republicans in order to better discredit the entire just & legitimate movement. The entire issue of Terreblanche provides [ at least in the past ] too much ammunition to the opponents of Boer self determination.

Viking said...

Of course -
Johannesburg is an "English city", which is why it isn't the capital of South Africa - despite what Eddy Grant thinks lol

Anonymous said...

Today in South Africa we see a very determined effort by the government to destroy the Afrikaner Boer people, through constant attacks on their culture, language etc.

What is ironic is that the very survival of the Afrikaner is guaranteed, because the realities of life in crime ridden South Africa has led to a dispersion of the best and most educated Afrikaner Boers throughout the world.

If one wanted to destroy the Boers as a ethic entity, there would have no better method than to give them own homeland in South Africa, because then they would have all been together in the same geographical area.

As it is, it is almost as if some higher hand is guaranteeing their survival as an Ethnic group.

Anonymous said...

Fritz Meyer died - any idea as to how?