Thursday, September 03, 2009

Viva Communism Comrade Blade! Viva BMW!

The leader of the Communist Party indulges his special little self in the fruits of the much-reviled *yuk* evil capitalist system. Ahem, does Boss Communist catch a taxi or bus as communism prescribes? Not on your nelly, no sirree, no donkey for this communist leader 'cuz he's, er, special. He's a "leader". Communism is for the little people that pay for his indulgence.

So what would suit this important communist? Oh, only the top of the range beamer for his communist black arse. Hmm, how do socialists like to put it: communism would have worked if it had been implemented "properly". Maybe on Pluto where you live but not on planet Earth. Once again, hypocrisy reigns supreme.

Blades's R1 million vehicle

The reply to a DA parliamentary question has revealed that the Department of Higher Education has purchased a new R1.1 million BMW 750i for Minister Blade Nzimande.

It is not insignificant that Nzimande is also the General-Secretary of the South Africa Communist Party (SACP). Speaking in this capacity, in June this year, and endorsing the principles and values behind Nelson Mandela Day, Nzimande stated:

"...Nelson Mandela Day must also be a re-affirmation of the values he has come to represent - that of social solidarity, selflessness, dedication, equity and fairness! It is through the consistent inculcation of these values that we can roll back the greed, corruption and selfishness of capitalism." [...!!!!!!!....]

Two months later he has approved over R1 million for a luxury car, for his personal use - which is self-indulgent, unnecessary and extravagant.

So much for rolling back the greed and selfishness of capitalism. It appears that only the very best will do for the leaders of the working class.

In fact, when set alongside his recent comments, Minister Nzimande's purchase of this vehicle gets to the heart of what is wrong with this ANC government and its alliance partners. The ANC cannot understand the connection between the behaviour - or, more accurately, misbehaviour - of its public representatives, and the lives of ordinary South Africans.

When a minister spends R1-million on luxury vehicles, that is R1-million less that can be spent elsewhere. Remember, this is the self-same minister who recently berated our leading academic research institutions for having too much money (which is was both technically wrong and principally wrongheaded). One wonders how many graduates R1.1 million could produce?

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Anonymous said...

Hani was the only one who drove a regular car. Saw him twice in the sort of cheap sedan that the Apartheid Government Ministers used to drive around in. Now every township "mayor" has a new BM or Merc! Guess that's why the Bankers had to have Hani taken out - commie maybe, but at least he stood by his principles!

Doberman said...

They all drove shit cars until they got into power. Hani would have been the same.

Anonymous said...

Good for the German car industry but bad for Africa.
So typical of black african states!
Africa will never change, it´s going only one way, down the drain.

Pensioner said...

One would have thought that as a good communist the idiot would have ordered a red beemer.


In Moskau the commies had special lanes on their roads set aside so their political masters ( always equal ) did not have to mix it with the great unwashed. I wonder how long it will take until we have the same arrangement in the RSA.

h said...

If you are white, take your money and family to another country and leave the blacks to naturally get to where they are meant to be. Living back in the bush amongst the chickens and goats.

In that future SA, there wont be a need for roads or even cars. Perhaps then Blade can pimp out his donkey drawn cart and show it off to the masses.

If you are white and you are still living in SA, you are SUPPORTING the ANC and DELAYING the natural state that blacks are meant to go back to (poverty and black-on-black supression, just like the rest of mudda afrika). Do yourself and your kids a favour and start a new life with no blacks as part of it.

Anonymous said...

Well the dumbness will spread much like to the DA who is starting to show its true colours!

"UNIVERSITIES cannot dodge the obligation to find and support potentially successful black students who have been failed by the country’s schools, Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille said yesterday.

Presenting a new DA policy on higher education, she said admission and graduation figures did not reflect the even spread of academic talent across all population groups."

“Universities have to go out there and find the students with the potential to succeed,” Zille said.

Blade Nzimande, the new minister responsible for higher eduction, has highlighted the same issue.

EVERYONE is equal - RIGHT!

Viking said...

Didn't Hani live in a nice posh part of Boksburg?
In fact, I recall most of the ANC leadership rewarding themselves with nice big houses.

Although, BMWs were originally made in East Germany.......

@Anon 12:33
on the contrary, the statement indicates that the DA is looking for academically successful black students (presumably ones that won't riot if they fail their exams) rather than the illiterate nose-picking ones that are allowed into third level education now. Sounds quite meritocratic to me!