Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vandals Destroy RDP Homes in Cape

This story was front page of the Cape Times earlier in the week. Some individuals decided that because they weren't top of the list for new free houses, nobody could have them.

That's Ubuntu for you.

Cape Town - Vandals who petrol-bombed 49 newly-built homes in Mandela Park, Khayelitsha, would be brought to book, Western Cape Housing MEC Bonginkosi Madikizela said on Tuesday.

"One of the vandals was reported in the newspaper yesterday (Monday) saying that their criminal act indicates that they mean business. Well, I want them to know that we mean business too.

"We will not rest until the culprits are caught, convicted and punished for their crimes," said Madikizela in a statement.

He said he had visited the police station in the area earlier on Tuesday to reinstate the charges against the people who were arrested for damaging R1m of property.

"I have spoken with the provincial police Commissioner Mzwandile Petros, and he has assured me of his full support in ensuring that these criminals are brought to book."

Madikizela had also requested that Petros conduct a full investigation into what appeared to have been the police's slow response when the matter was reported to them on Saturday.

"My officials report that the police were called at 10:10 on Saturday morning when the threat of vandalism was apparent. The police arrived at 13:00 by which time 49 units had been vandalised and petrol-bombed.

Broken promise

"The people who carried out this action are known in the community and pictures of many of them have appeared in the newspapers. They will be caught and they will be punished."

Madikizela said a report in a newspaper quoting an instigator explaining that they took the decision to destroy the property because the MEC allegedly broke a promise was incorrect.

The instigator claimed that Madikizela had promised to ensure that 23 backyarders from Mandela Park were included in the project.

"I did no such thing."

He said following demands from the Mandela Park backyarders to be included in the project, he met them in July to explain the department's position.

This was that the project had been initiated six years previously and that the beneficiaries had already been allocated at the time.

"I explained that out of the 53 houses recently completed, only 30 beneficiaries could be located and that the department of local government and housing had begun a process to trace those who had been allocated a house.

Backyarders will be considered

"If the department failed to trace the beneficiaries, Mandela Park backyarders would be considered."

At a follow-up meeting with Mandela Park residents last week, Madikizela reported that the department had found a further eight beneficiaries, reducing the number of outstanding beneficiaries from 23 to 15.

"I did not promise 23 residents from Mandela Park a house on the project, neither did I promise 15 residents a house. No promises were made and none have been broken."

Madikizela said he would continue working closely with the Mandela Park steering committee to find ways of accommodating the people living in back yards in future projects, however, there would be no rewards for those found guilty of breaking the law.

"There is no acceptable excuse for the damage that has been done. These criminals are trying to derail progress and development in pursuit of their own narrow agendas," said Madikizela. - SAPA

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Dachshund said...

Even if you could provide everyone with free housing it would be destroyed in next to no time because socialism is a contradiction of human nature.

Only that which you work for and build up yourself has any value. Unless you happen to be a member of the ANC, in which case you can live in a mansion without having done anything to deserve it.