Thursday, September 10, 2009

Van Jones, Glenn Beck, And The Moral/Intellectual Bankruptcy Of The Left

By Nice Deb

The facts: Van Jones, a self avowed Communist, black nationalist, truther, Mumia supporter, Katrina race-baiter, and potty mouth resigned after an increasing number of Americans became privy to his radicalism due to primarily Glenn Beck on Fox News, and the right wing blogosphere.

The Van Jones story only became a story for the MSM when he announced that he was resigning. As many have already noted, people who only get their news from the MSM, heard about Van Jones for the first time today. This is the same MSM that was is more than happy to report negative story after story about Sarah Palin during the 2008 election campaign.

In fact, according to Robert Stacy McCain:

…this is the real story: The shameful failure of the MSM to do its job in reporting on the Obama administration.

But it gets worse.

Now, the left, outraged because this charlatan was found out, is after the guy who led the charge. Apparently, like good little Marxists, they were hoping that Jones’ “green” (read Communist)

Keith Olberman is now soliciting the Kos Kids for dirt on Glenn Beck, which anyone who’s ever listened to Beck knows is absurd because Beck is an open book. He’s confessed his sins publicly on his radio program, already, you idiots. As RightWingSparkle says:
policies could be sneaked in under the public radar. How dare there be whistle blowers out there informing the public about what’s going on.

There isn’t a thing anyone could dig around for and come up with that Beck himself hasn’t put out there on radio or TV.

So what does a *large number of subversives in the leftwing blogosphere do? Why they make up a vicious rumor, and they spread it far and wide, hoping they’ll convince people that they’re making a valid point about how hurtful spreading hateful lies can be. The problem here is, of course, that everything that was uncovered about Van Jones was demonstrably true, and he was an adviser to the President with a 60 billion dollar budget, and they’re just spreading a ridiculous lie about a Fox News host. So…um…there’s a big difference.

What a disgusting spectacle: They’re lashing out like babies…taking wild swings at their bete noire du jour, demonstrating even more, for all to see, how morally and intellectually bankrupt they are.

*Correction: I had previously said “what does the leftwing blogosphere do”?, painting with too broad a brush…obviously, not *everyone* in the leftwing blogosphere is taking part in that.

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