Monday, September 07, 2009

The type of Black South African BC drools about

The following anti-white hate speech and racist drivel was posted by some MonkeyBoy called pinvictor at Africans. I can only assume that this is the type of “forgiving, mild-mannered” South African black one Black Coffee has wet dreams about. As is so typical with the communist bunch of bastards which is the ANC government in South Africa, it is perfectly acceptable for such racist crap to be published, as long as it isn’t aimed at Blacks. The savage creature writing the crap below even had a stab at Xenophobic attacks in South Africa, clearly displaying the typical black African mud hut mentality and tribal nature. A note to all Caucasian foreigners – note the special attention awarded to you by this savage beast, that your capital is welcome in South Africa, but not you. MonkeyBoy pinvictor, you receive my “Pikkewyndoos” (penguin fanny / penguin beaver) of the year award – you certainly are useless for man, fish and animal.

It has been a long while since I wrote about everything that is so sickeningly wrong with white people (part 1, part 2, and part 3), but I fear that just like an inflamed pimple ready to let out the pus, those crazy whites are rearing their pale nonsense filled heads again. As a patriot I have long resigned myself to listening to whites moan about the state of this country since real Africans took over. While they usually phrase their vicious lies with erudition, it doesn't take a genius to see through their self serving babble - every concern they ever raise, be it about corruption, crime, the environment, women's rights, road safety, AIDS treatments, Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki, Zimbabwe, to name but a few, are only rooted in their wish to screw real South Africans out of money and dignity.

The white who would be king, and leader of the Despotic Alliance.

You'll notice I differentiate between whites, and real South Africans, for the simple reason that Caucasians are as alien to Africa as a thorn is to a human foot. Having heard the argument that one's country of birth determines one's nationality, I can readily say that this might be the case in the cultural western wasteland of the first world - certainly there is a difference between Dutch cheese and German sausage, but step back and view the bigger picture - they all wear the same clothes, they all lust after money, and they are all as pale and hideous to the eye as swollen maggot feasting on the eye of an African child indirectly starved to death as a result of European colonisation. But come on, no length of time spent in a place can instill the vitality of that place in your DNA. To those who ask, I can tell in no uncertain terms that just because you were born in South Africa and your family has lived there for generations and you have no recourse to residence elsewhere, it does not make you African. Look at your face - it has the same hue as the gross underbelly of fish.

Just as black people in America refer to themselves as African Americans, whites in South Africa can accurately be referred to as "Europeans abroad, malingering on Africa's fair shores in the hope of suckling at her plentiful teat". I might also take a moment here to voice an objection to term "African American" as well - those unfortunates whose ancestors were taken from America in the days of slavery are technically not African due to their prolonged exposure to white people. It would be technically correct to refer to them as African-looking Americans. They have become addicted to dollars, "scientifically proven" cures to diseases probably invented by whites, business suits, and Mariah Carey. Through the centuries they have become unfunky.

A group of whites conspiring to cause trouble for real South Africans.

People could call me extreme for saying that whites simply cannot be Africans, but my reasons are twofold - Caucasianitus (a condition recognised by our own SA health department and dynamic health minister) is both genetic and neurological, and it attacks the very fabric of what it means to be African. The hideous palidity of the visage is the most blatant symptom of Caucasianitus, and can be seen afflicting every euro-pirate that has ever come here to plunder South African resources.

The neurological side of the condition is to the outer paleness, what the moist turgid centre of a dogturd is to the mildly offensive crusty shell. This pestilence causes a meanness of spirit in the suffer, along with an arrogance and reliance on white inventions and sciences. Almost every single victim I have ever met favours at least a modicum of progress over tradition, and eschews the African way. Ask them what is wrong with virginity testing, polygamy, circumcision in the bushveld, and lebola, and they will start whittering on about sexism, rights, progress and other such fanciful rubbish. The only right they should enjoy is the right to pack their stupid brand name luggage and leave.

Right now I must admit that not all whites are inwardly stricken by Caucasianitus. Some foreign investors have shown us that they are Africa compatible, and in doing so have shown that they and their capital can conduct business in an African style. Most importantly they never make any moves from their homes in France, Germany, the UK etc, to settle in Africa. These are the sorts of white South Africa wants - non intrusive and beneficial, and preferably loaded with foreign currency. Discretion also goes a long way in this writer's eyes!

This typical white hates noble African tradition.

This neatly brings me to my next point - with our current financial fluctuations and high unemployment, it seems to me that all those jobs occupied by complaining euro-pirates and foreigners should be given to real South Africans. These bastard grub people keep moaning about the SA government, the lack of SA standards under black rule, and the crime! If they are so concerned, then I would like to suggest that we send the whole bellyaching lot of them back to wherever they came from. I'm sure our well equipped armed forces could assist in nudging them off on their voyage back to Europe, and it would also create jobs, as we would need true South Africans to redecorate their hideous homes and make them fit for natives of this land. Nobody in their right mind wants twee pink hued floral curtains purchased from Biggie Best! That these things exist is simply an insult to those who perished for freedom of South Africa.

While the whites are sailing away, I would kindly suggest that any real South Africans tainted by homosexuality, dwarfism, albinism, a dislike of Jacob Zuma, or feminism, join them. South Africans have certainly taken to Crocs, running water, luxury German sedans, and chilled beer, so we already have enough white western imports than you very much.

This is a win-win situation, because real South Africans would be free to pursue their destiny unhindered by the constant badgering of palid tongues, and the euro-parasites would be back in the lands of their heritage. I doubt compensation for the possessions and properties they leave here would even be necessary as a one way ticket back to -insert name of white country here- would be payment enough, and fill their tiny poisonous hearts with whatever hollow joy they are capable of feeling.

At this point I must stress that this would not be an exchange program, and South Africa would certainly not welcome anybody sent in return for the delivery of whites. This country is facing enough challenges as it is, and only one who is a traitor to the spirit of Africa would come to South Africa seeking a better life and in doing so, soak up South African resources. It just wouldn't be cool, but I'm sure they'll understand the South African position - hopefully before they've been set on fire. Peace out.

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Viking said...
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Viking said...

I'm too confused to laugh.

Is this just tongue in cheek, or is it written by a white guy as a joke?
Seriously - there's no way this is meant seriously.


Dachshund said...

Ha ha ha! What's with the reference to BC since you've kicked him off the site?

Doberman said...

I guess BC shall live on as the gauge by which we measure all ethnomasochistic kaffir-boeties henceforth. We know what "BC" in its full context means. Easier than writing "black loving, black apologist, leftwing, marxist, liberal, progressive, white guilter" = BC.

Doberman said...

If this exceptional prose *sarc* is legit, I have three letters for the writer "9mm".

Viking said...

No black South African who could write so well, would believe the arguments he makes!
At least I would really really REALLY hope not.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, black Africans are as foreign to South Africa as a torn to the human foot and we Boers will one day have it returned to us! Let the Nigro Colonisers go back to their Nigeria!

h said...

This should also be given to the Huntely's attorney so it can be used to show the feelings against whites by some blacks. The MSM and PC are continuosly telling the world that black-on-white racism and hate is just a fairy tale. It is not, it is true and it is costing the white race good, hard-working, tax-paying indivieduals. Like i said before.. The only good black is a dead black. I also said that whites have no place in Africa being a minority amongst savages. Whites still in Africa are merely delaying the inevitable. Let them go back to their roots... That is where they have always meant to be.

Doberman said...

@ h, already done. Plus several others posts and articles. I'm afraid, I and others are going to pepper the poor attorney with so much evidence he will need a large box to house it all. There's another development taking place which I will post about tomorrow which should strengthen Huntley's case as well. No longer is he alone. This is thousands versus the Canadian govt and the ANC.

Dachshund said...

"The only good black is a dead black" is not exactly going to help Huntley's case.

I'm glad weedy, seedy, boring BC has been kicked off. Who the hell was he to comment on South Africa from Ohio in any case.

But these guys at Africans are entitled to comment and to let off steam just the same way ILSA does. IMHO it was about time they started a blog in their self defense. Whites can be rather mean spirited, you know. Go to the UK and Europe and you will know all about it, the sanctimonious blather that sends you straight back to the airport.

Let 'em have at it.

Black Coffee said...

You will probably delete my comment - just summarize and put it in your own words please. I did not know this blog existed - thank you for turning me on to it, I might make it my new home. Dach - who am I to comment on SA from Ohio? I spent six months there in the flesh and many more years doing scholarly research instead of relying on anectodal evidence from whites who are disgruntled about losing the privileges they had under apartheid. By same token I can ask who are Doberman, VI and Islandshark to talk about Obama and racial politics in America? This site proves every day that my initial instinct a year ago was correct - it as racist as SAS and the KKK. I say good riddance - but I will continue to monitor the disinformation this blog dishes out and do my best to expose it on Times' blog, etc. It's been nice, have good lives. I just want to say also for whites who stay in SA - you must be willing to integrate and accept blacks, with all their faults and shortcomings, as full human beings equal to you. You also must accept that there are steps necessary to effect transformation and make up for the extreme skewing of society toward whites during apartheid, which may result in whites being excluded every now and then from this or that position. My view is accept it or get the fuck out of SA.

Anonymous said...

nought bru! - that cant be a peckie chooning that kak -

It has got to be a joke right? For heavens sake not even the dumbest (and dumb couldn't write like that) bantu could believe that twaddle!

Islandshark said...

Is white trash BC still around? I thought we saw an end to him befouling this site?

Anonymous said...

Seems the moderators are in a different time zone. GET HIM outta here.

h said...

"you must be willing to integrate and accept blacks, with all their faults and shortcomings, as full human beings equal to you."

This is not true. Blacks are not the same as whites and will never be. They are practically a different species, so this can never work the way BC wishes.

Saying we are all the same (homo sapiens) is incorrect. If the evidence is taken into account, we should both be re-classified as follows:

Homo sapiens = White Man
Homo africanus = Black Man

In nature, two different species do not cooperate, share the same place and live together happily because at the end of the day, the strongest will survive. Strong doesn’t necessarily mean the most physically strong but the one best able to adapt, use and manipulate his environment to live prosperous and healthy lives.

This certainly is the case for whites and western civilization (look at whites have been able to achieve so far), but not so for African ones (look at that Africans have achieved so far). If the race issue is removed from the collective white mind, the white race / species can begin to get back to the business of their own civilization and stop perpetrating their own extinction by assisting a less developed and inferior species to their own. This is nature and no amount of wishful thinking can change that.

As a white, i support the white race / species so it can flourish and evolve further. The black species is of no importance to me and if it went extinct, that is fine by me. They give nothing to the whites anyway, except debt and guilt.

This is essentially what whites need to start realizing. Racism is an attempt by the liberals and PC to make whites believe that blacks are the same as them.

BC is a bigotted race traitor that would rather see another race / species live rather than his own.

I’m not anti-black... I’m just PRO WHITE.

Using that logic, being racist is good for ones own race / species because it lets you focus on your own future and not another race / species future.

Read it and weep BC :

Anonymous said...

As SA is such a paradise in BC's wet fart, warped mind, BC must exist the rest of his pathetic life in Marxist utopian SA. I doubt he's have the courage of his disinformed, preachy convictions.

Dachshund said...

@BC: I don't think you are qualified to speak about the situation in SA any more than I believe I'm qualified to discuss Obama or African Americans, which I have never attempted, other than the odd joke about African Americans playing the race card to such an extent that they might be mistaken for having formed their own version of the Ku Klax Klan.

I would agree with you, however, that whites should adapt or get out. But I don't think full integration will happen and that a hundred years from now there will only be coloureds in SA. People marry people they most resemble and whose culture they share. So I confidently predict that blacks will continue to marry (or at least procreate with) blacks, and that whites and Indians who remain in SA will marry (or procreate with) whites and Indians respectively. Race is a very strong social construct and is not going to disappear overnight.

I would add that scholarly research is not the same as living and breathing a country. I know very well that South African white men can be a royal pain in the arse because they had it too good for way too long. On the other hand, I've been a victim of affirmative action myself and know what that does to you. I became self employed and did rather well for myself but I did miss the cameraderie of the office.

I agree that this site has become too racist in that the views of middle class blacks are not represented or explored in any depth. There is a tendency to lump all blacks together as if there were no black intelligentsia at all in SA, which is of course bulldust.

I've had several goes at really gross examples of African stupidity, but you won't see me going for someone just because that person is black; I just hate the stupidity and arrogance of some blacks. And whites.

Vanilla Ice said...

@h. Thanks for the link. I have created a pdf version which is viewable/downloadable at

Doberman said...

About BC, seems one of the moderators never got the memo ;) Easily fixed.

Anonymous said...

BC you are a really silly man!

Viking said...

A fine Parthian shot there from BC:
"I just want to say also for whites who stay in SA - you must be willing to integrate and accept blacks,"

The thing that you don't understand, and many people don't, is that 'accepting' blacks was done in 1993 when the principle of democracy was accepted, and the people voted 70-30 to extend suffrage to black South Africans.
That was a huge step towards compromise and agreement. amidst all the shouting and singing about democracy, a deal was made and papers were signed and the whites said, here, have a country, try not to fuck it up, and LEAVE us ALONE.
The whites handed over power peacefully -the blacks didn't accept it so, how many thousands died in the township wars 1990-94?
Now, this is what will make someone like BC, and me, and most people happy.
But then there's a divergence. Aside from the above, BC believe that "restructuring" should take place, and that's all very highminded and everything but what it amounted to was a free-for-all.
The Western Cape, where blacks were a tiny minority who had no historical connection to the place, is now at least 30% black.
There's no need for this influx, SA is huge, and small towns like Hout Bay are now stretched to limit and beyond and can't cope with the burgeoning crime and infrastructure needs the migrants bring.
The question is, what more should whites do?
Don't we have a right to associate with whomever we want?
~People in SA have taken huge strides to integrate with blacks, and people like BC will never think that's enough.
White Saffers: you owe nobody anything. You did the right thing and that's what counts.

Doberman said...

Viking said "White Saffers: you owe nobody anything. You did the right thing and that's what counts." The debt is paid as far as I'm concerned, whatever that "debt" was. BC will find that out first-hand how his ideas play out in the real world, like Amy Biehl did. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, BC showing his true colors as he gets the flick. Good riddance to a hypocritical psycho with a hidden agenda. I would like to see him "integrate with the blacks"? Yeah BC, go on, set an example. Go live with them (permanently) and marry one. Have some little coffee coloured kids, you show us how to do it. Or shut yer big gob.

Doberman said...

The twat is history. When he has skin in the game he will be allowed back on here. Until then I am sick of him talking out of his arse.