Thursday, September 10, 2009

Try working for a change

From Bystander (News24 User)

The people of South Africa seem to be under a massive and great delusion. In what universe does a government just hand stuff out: houses, services, and transport without any costs to the user?

Where do South Africans get the idea from that you can just sit back and when you snap your fingers, there will be a fully functioning municipality that provides water and removes waste?

When did South Africans fall under the illusion that the money in the account of my municipality is there for me to take whenever the urge strikes? I suppose that we cannot blame people for thinking that way. That is after all what has been propagated by the ANC since they took power in the country.

People in South Africa are very much stuck with a European opinion of government. That is, I sit back on my coach and government makes sure I have nothing else to do.

What South Africans fail to take into account is that for the luxurious living to work, the comfy European on his coach is taxed out of all good sense. Everyone works, pays high taxes and in return government provides you with health services, housing, and service delivery and so on and so forth. So in essence you pay for what government provides.

You need a job to pay taxes so that government can use your money to provide you with services. This equation is easy enough to understand.

The ANC however has been giving the poor masses of South Africa false hope. Instead of concentrating all their efforts in creating sustainable jobs, money has been wasted and squandered on cars and corruption. It is okay to take money that does not belong to you, because nothing happens. Instead you get a second and a third chance to defraud the coffers of state.

The people in South Africa have very much fallen into the Africa mentality that it is the responsibility of others, be it the West, the government or those better off than you, to look after them. The government must give us houses and services and if they don't, we will simply create an ungovernable situation until they do.

South Africans must learn that nothing in life is for free. We have to work and for that matter work hard to make living.

Poverty is a very, very real issue that needs to be addressed. It is also not the sole responsibility of the State.

Where are all religious groups that preach "do onto others as you would have done onto yourself"?

If people for once start working and stop complaining and help one another instead of blaming government we might take one step forward instead of two steps back.

Try it; what do we have to lose? Sitting back waiting for things to fall from the sky is clearly not working.

2 Opinion(s):

Pensioner said...

You know Dobes, I think this way of thinking started about 15 years ago.

Quark said...

I think the problem is that coons don't know what money actually is. Instead of regarding it as a means of trading goods and services, they see banknotes as having some inherent value. If there's not enough to go round, just print more! Poverty? - easy, just print more, problem solved. Wealth is the banknote.