Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tips on Racism: It’s a Black Thing

By David Yeagley (the great-great-grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle. Read more )
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Previous post by David Yeagley on ILSA;
The Hated White Race

The day Barry Soetoro (a.k.a., “Barack Hussein Obama,” often referred to as acting president of the United States) pretended to take the oath of office, January 20, 2009, (then re-took it the next day), racism became the national priority. The American Negro assumed full command of the subject, and it is determined that the Negro race is exempt from the crime of racism. Furthermore, it is right that Negroes should resent other races. It is ordained that blacks despise other races, especially whites. It is the duty of the Negro to condemn other races. After all, blacks are the superior race.

Well, “racism” was more or less a white liberal political invention anyway, all along, and Barry’s white-orchestrated political triumph simply represents the zenith of white liberal indulgence. (Yes, it’s all about ego indulgence. Compassion, tolerance, “equal rights,”–it’s all about ego indulgence on the part of white liberals.) White liberals got their self-aggrandizing way, and now the American black population is more confused and frustrated than ever. They’ve been ’slaved’ again, this time as a moral whip.

In the last several days, black racism against the two other major races in the world, Caucasian and Oriental, have been dramatic.

[Kanye West, playing the arch-typical Negro male. No race issue here! Jump out there, rip that mic from the hands of a young white girl while she makes her acceptance speech of the MTV award. But no wrong done. No racism. No apology for that. Just an apology for interrupting, and that probably to protect sales of his own cuts.]

A drunken Kanye West totally trashed the MTV Video Awards, jumping up on the stage and grabbing the microphone from young white female country star Taylor Swift (19, from Nashville), to express his opinion that black female star Beyonce deserved the award. This is primitive racism at it’s most naked moment, psychologically. Negroes stealing the show. Putting down the whites, the southern, female whites. The Negro male putting down the white female. It was classic.

Then we saw foul-mouthed Serena Williams trashing the tennis profession again, with more primitive racism. How so? Her outburst was in the face of the line judge, who is Oriental. Had nothing to do with race? Why, no, not when the offender is black. No behavior from any black is racism. Blacks are exempted from committing any act of racism. That’s the liberal standard. (Whereas, Congressman Joe Wilson is to be considered a profound racist for calling out Barry for lying to Congress.)
[Serena Williams, letting it all out–against a tiny Oriental who happened to have authority over the big black Negress. Of course, no apology coming from Serena. No wrong on her part.]

Equality of treatment is simply out the window when special privileges are given to one group, especially when those privileges are indulged on the basis of that group’s race. It is no help to black people to indulge them. That is not equal treatment. That makes the sense of equality impossible for them to have. To treat a black as black means to treat them as faulty, incapable, and inferior. To treat them as “white” means to judge them with the same standard whites judge themselves.

The truth is, inequality is promoted by liberals. It is their own ego indulgence, nothing more. It is the manipulation of their own conscience, or more disappointingly, their own latent sexual desires, and worse, their own Oedipal complex.

On August 18, 2009, a young white man was beaten nearly to death in Buffalo, New York, by a dozen black youth, for dating a black girl. This of course has not been in the national news, and has not been identified as a hate crime. Blacks are, again, exempt from any racial crimes. They feel they own race, and the only racial crimes that exist are those committed against them. No white leaders and no black leaders have ever advocated anything different. Black people, again, have been ’slaved’ as a political whip for liberals against conservatives. They’ve been used. So it seems.

8 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

its in all the news that serena apologised. get the facts right. kanye also apologised on more than one occasion about what he did.

Viking said...

Apologising doesn't erase the act. It's PR. The point of the article, I think, is that blacks are never accused of racism.

Anonymous said...

@anon - this isn't the first time that Kanye has done this. Google him and see how he always pulls a black artist before a white one. He is racist. Blacks are never accused of racism, no matter what they do. The MSM always spins it and in the end you are made to feel sorry for them because they were once "oppressed". If it weren't for the liberal whites, then the word racism wouldn't exist.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:52:
Serena Wiliams continues to deny she threatened the lineswoman with murder, despite the audio picking it up!
West continues to say he thinks the black video was better... if he'd just said this initially, fine BUT he should at least say he accepts the judges decision, or he should limit himself to presenting at the Black Music Awards, and let us have our own award ceremonies!

Just a quick question re. Yeagley: was he not descendent of "Bald Eagle" yet called his book "Bad Eagle"?

Anonymous said...

good point viking. apologising for apartheid wont erase the act either.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:26

Why "apologise for apartheid"???

Apartheid was the best thing that ever happened to the Bantu, they got their own countries (one for each nation), mother-tongue ed. in those countries, hospitals etc. all paid for by the RSA!!!
They don't have that now, and their education, hospitals etc ae in a shocking state!

Also, I wish they'd give us what we gave them, our own Countries... AND we don't even ask that they pay for our schools, hospitals etc. No Sir, we'll cover that ourselves!


Dachshund said...
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Dachshund said...

@Anon 11:26: Touche.

@Anon 3:11: We ARE being treated like blacks during apartheid! We can't get decent jobs, just like they couldn't!

To be fair, the ANC is holding out this punishment of whites for the masses to drool over purely because they don't want a return of the middle class of any colour. Because any substantial middle class would see them out on their arses.