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Surviving one more night in the rainbow nation

What you won’t ever see or hear on BBC, CNN, New York Times, etc

It's half past seven in our house on Silkaatsnek just outside Pretoria.

On TV is a story unfolding or ten police cars on the road to a house in Dallas where a mentally disturbed us citizen is threatening to commit suicide.

The men of Dallas’s (swat) unit are equipped with a field hospital and a mobile office out of which they are negotiating with the aspiring suicidal individual. Things are looking good and it seems as if they will be able to negotiate with him and safe his life.

On my new civilian band, two way radio in the background I also hear voices.
A security guard of royal security has just been shot , just this side of Kallie Knoetze's place . They are urgently requesting backup and assistance.

Be very careful they warn everyone. He is armed and dangerous.
A telephone cable has been cut earlier in the day, and it is here where the guard has been shot by the cable thief. “I am standing here with the wounded man,” reports a male voice. “Delta control, can you phone for an ambulance it looks like a shoulder - and arm wound.”

I now switch the television off.
American reality TV has become irrelevant. Why should I care if some mentally disturbed person is threatening to end his own life with a revolver on the other side of the continent while the best trained police with the best equipment are trying to save him from himself?

Just outside my farm gate is a much deadlier battle against crime and my very survival fought by a very small group of dedicated civilians with very little to no equipment.

They are taking a stand while the police are unseen somewhere on the background. It’s been only ten days since I acquired our civilian radio which we are using to connect our De Wildt self-help community. In the 14 years we have been living here in the little Bushveld at the foot of the Magalies Mountain we have been well aware of the escalating crime.

This was however faceless, and mostly been rumors and small insignificant little articles in the local newsletter. Somewhere someone was shot in his kitchen someone was abducted from his home when he walked in on the burglars.

Everything was far enough and anonymously enough so that we did not have to concern ourselves too much whilst we were going about our business of trying to make a living and planting some more indigenous trees to enhance our little piece of Bushveld.

Just to ease our concerns we installed alarm systems, burglar bars, and motion detectors on all 3 properties on my farm. I joined an armed response company that provided 24 hour security with panic buttons and some more dogs for good

Shortly afterwards my one tenant in one of my rental homes on the property phones me at two in the morning. Surprisingly calmly, she informs me that there are two men in our living room . ”
I am half asleep and don’t react as well as I should and ask some silly questions.

When did this happen? She tells me her husband was woken by some noise and went to investigate. he stumbled upon two men busy disconnecting the TV. I am now fully awake and tell the wife to call the cops. I also hit my panic button which sets of the siren that makes an unbearable noise in the otherwise quit night. I phone my armed response company ADT, for assistance

The Brits police are the first to eventually arrive. It is a new constable who does not know the area and that is why he responded as my home is not in their jurisdiction.

One hour and eight minutes later the armed response arrives. They had gotten lost.

It was two young guys, says Frik my tenant. They had broken the burglar bars and the window and managed to get hold of th
e keys and the panic button. They then opened the front door and proceeded to take whatever they considered as valuable and were busy disconnecting the TV, when I interrupted them.

Fortunately there was no loss of life everyone is quick to remark. No one was shot, raped or injured so we should count ourselves very lucky.

We cannot live in isolation on our little island my wife remarks, we have to get involved with the community.

That is when I get the radio. Just prior to this incident I had no interest in joining the neighborhood watch because I would not part be of something which polarizes white and black even further.

Now I purchase the two way radio so that I have contact with the outside world and my community safety network. This has become essential as the telephone lines are always cut before an attack or robbery.

And now for the first time I am alarmed to hear that the man shot in his kitchen was in fact m
y direct and closest neighbor Flip Joubert, and the man abducted from his farm, lives at the next farm from Flip. We were just oblivious to what has been happening right next door as they were unaware as to what happened at my place.

And here we are, all part of the rainbow nation and we don’t even know what happened to our neighbor. Just like no one even heard our siren that night. We are all living from day to day trying to pretend that we are carefree.

We just do not have a choice anymore.

This is a war. And we now have to choose a side I tell my wife Johanita.

When the radio finally goes quiet are we go to sleep. Three o clock the next morning the radio starts all over again .

Royal security reports that nine men have been spotted crossing the De Wildt- road in the area where cables were cut the previous night, and very close to where their colleague had just been shot. Cable thieves again.

In the silence of the night we lie in our beds and listen how the drama is unfolding on our doorstep.
Calm voices are giving advice and instructions. You ride down to the gate, wait there for reinforcements. You go to get a dog at the dog school. They have been spotted down in the ravine, direction Ga-Rankuwa.

And always the warning : “be very careful men they are armed ”

“These are all civilians from our bush war I tell my wife. You can hear the calm and collected way
they are handling this with military precision. They obviously know exactly what they are doing. The bush war was a done deal in 1989.

Twenty years later this war is now raging in this narrow stretch of woodlands on a mere 25 km from the bright lights of Pretoria`s church square.

While the cable thieves are being tracked, comes another report on the radio. Werner Schreuder's pump house has just been broken into. They have stolen all the cables.

There has just been a break in at Trevor louw's barn. An electrical pump is stolen .

Yet another break in reported, this time at the world famous De Wildt cheetah wildlife sanctuary. Liquor and computers are stolen and a car has also been broken into on their property.

Now Johan Marias reports that there are unidentified suspects walking around on his property.
Bertie Hotzhausen says they have also stolen his cables for the pumps.

Two suspects have been spotted on Ockie Oosthuyzen's Smalholding. His perimeter fence has been cut and they had tried to force open his garage door. Fortunately nothing has yet been stolen.

In the mean tim
e the radio is alive with the relentless pursuit for the armed and dangerous cable thieves. Guys be careful not to confuse Mike with the thieves. He and the dog are approaching the area from a northerly direction. Be very careful and don’t shoot.

Another report on the radio, Thinus Schoeman has informed us that the telephone cables on his farm have been cut. The cables are still lying there so they may return to collect them.

There is a new report of thieves at Dr. Jannie Hugo's place. Thieves tried to break in when the alarm when off. They heard screams from their workers rooms as the intruders tried to break down their door.

And suddenly the radio goes eerily quiet.

It is now 4am and we will report back after sunrise to see if everyone is still safe. We survived one more night in De Wildt.

This has been a busy night says Helpmekaar's Jan lemmer. He also owns a local security company on the main road of De Wildt and this is where I meet him at midday. He seems very relaxed.

This was a typical evening although a little more busy than usual as it is weekend and there has been more drinking.
The crime on De Wildt is neither exceptional or out of the ordinary.

Lemmer has been in the Commando`s for a long time. “This is the same thing that happens everywhere else in our country he remarks, the only difference is that other community’s sometime see this in print and we are more involved and our members are informed about what is happening in our own community”

There are far worse areas in Pretoria but the inhabitants don’t have contact with one another and they cannot compare notes.
Some people, he said, prefer it not to know of the crime. They find it to unsettling. “but we believe we can be better prepared if we know exactly what is happening in our community ”

This area of De Wildt to which I am referring , is a 25 km stretch along the De Wildt road along the Silkaats neck mountains on the western outskirts of Pretoria – North. It is 12 km diagonal up to the railway line on the way to Ga-Rankuwa. A total surface of 300 km², now covered by a network of civilian two way radios that may just keep us alive one more night.

South African farm attacks

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FishEagle said...

"Just prior to this incident I had no interest in joining the neighborhood watch because I would not part be of something which polarizes white and black even further."

Black Coffee, you and your ilk have blood on your hands as you continue to spread your racism rubbish. When are you coming to SA again? I'm so pissed off at you right now.

Anonymous said...

I second.I also believed all men were created equal bla , bla , bullshit. Then you live and learn.

But then it is so convenient to have the answers for Africa if you have the luxury of living thousands of miles away.

That1s what liberals do. Greg will hopefully leave mama`s room one day and come fix all our problems, and after living here for 10 year`s maybe he can then repeat his statements on crime that is so isolated and blown out of proportion.

I somehow doubt he will last 10 years before running back home.

Islandshark said...

You can take the savage out the bush...

Say no more.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Are most white South Africans not considering emigrating? I know it's your home, but its just going to get worse.

I wrote the following on my blog:

I have also know a few South Africans who have come to the UK, and they have no regrets.

It's unfotunate you guys didn't negotiate a homeland for yourselves.

Anonymous said...


Great blog, and thanks for posting the South African article.

Yes most South Africans would consider emigration if it was that simple. There are very limited possibilities for South Africans who do not have a second passport, and the economic slowdown most certainly closed the few doors that were open.

Ron. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ron. said...

Hi UBN. There were in fact attempts at negotiating a homeland by a sizable faction of the Afrikaans speakers but they were soon subverted or sold out by folks like former General Constand Viljoen who initially was recruited to negotiate one but then later turned around & decided to join the new dispensation by working for the goal through the political process & Parliament.

On an interesting note Viljoen later declared that he had "wasted his time" in Parliament. But the credible suspicion asserted is that he was recruited all along to subvert the Afrikaans separatists by first gaining much of their support then stranding the cause when he abandoned them & joined up with the new dispensation.

The FF + is clearly playing a dangerous role as they publicly assert that they are attempting to negotiate a homeland while subverting the cause by acting as though South Africa is a democracy where such things can be negotiated when in fact the government has shut down the body which was tasked with addressing & dealing with this topic.

Also do not forget that Robert van Tonder was attempting to negotiate for the restoration of the old Boer Republics for the Boer people ever since 1961 [ the same year Verwoerd turned South Africa into a nominal republic ] & he later started the Boerestaat Party when he grew frustrated at the other political parties for not addressing the notion of Boer independence & self determination.

Therefore there were various attempts at negotiating a homeland of some sort but the various ruling regimes have always been steadfast against it & even organized against the Boers when they were about to restore their republics during the 1940s. So it is not a simple matter of accusing folks of not negotiating a homeland [ as significant numbers of them sure as hell tried & in the case ofthe Boers even tried to REGAIN their old homelands ] as they were subverted in the process. The problem is not that no one is attempting to negotiate a homeland: the problem is that the system is prejudiced against such a sound proposal.

Anonymous said...


thankyou for highlighting our cause!

We Boers have never stopped wanting our own Republic, even though those who own the foreign media (and created the modern-day ANC) accuse us today of having been "totally happy in a position of privalige until 1994". This quite obviously is NOT the case!

The Boes have in fact been trying to get their own country for over two hundred years and have NEVER sought to rule over any other people! They are the only population of Southern Africa (bar perhaps the Griqua and Rehobothers, of similar culture) who can make such a claim!
Needless to say, this has not gone unnoticed by HE who counts!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I'm sorry if I have caused offence. I understood there were attempts to negotiate a homeland, and I am also familiar with the town of Orania.

Ron wrote: "Hi UBN. There were in fact attempts at negotiating a homeland by a sizable faction of the Afrikaans speakers."

Are you chaps familiar with Arthur Kemp? I have read his book The Lie Of Apartheid, and found it very enlightening. It strikes me (and as you realise I am not greatly familiar with South African history) that the Afrikans were let down by the English speakers. It was the latter who voted overwhelmingly in favour of ending the old regime. I think had the aggregate vote been in favour there would have had to be more concessions made by the least that's my interpretation. Am I talking out of my backside?

BTW, great blog - a prolific number of posts, too. Quantity and quality. I have linked to you from my blog.



FishEagle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FishEagle said...

UBM, I applaud the attempts that were made in the past but I don't think any white group can claim greater authority in the process of claiming land for whites. That would be an insult to the people presently making a contribution to white South African society, regardless of language/ancestry/etc.

Islandshark said...

@ UBN: Not at all. We value your input and as a Saffa living in the UK I share your sentiments.

Looking at your nick, we share other views too!!

Thanks for the interest shown.

Anonymous said...


it is not so much about the languages spoken as it is about cultural and religous heritage!
For insance, many Afrikaans speakers went the 'serve your western master' route over two centuries ago, and have played a major role in supporting those who wish to wipe out "White Africa", merely for personal gain.

It is for this very reason that the Independence Seakers among us prefer the term "BOER". Orania and other so-called "Afrikaner" locations are more of a distraction to stop the Boers (thousands of Boers, and Trekkers, were English-speakers) from re-claiming even some of their original Republics!

Thankyou for your interest,
Kind Regards
Common Sense

FishEagle said...

Common Sense, reclaiming the original republics for whites is also 'merely for personal gain.' I find no fault with that, but let's not make out as if it is a moral right. Pulease! You are in serious denial if you think you will succeed in getting a white homeland if you claim moral entitlement for a certain portion of the white society. You've just alienated many of the whites that could have assisted you with your cause of getting a white homeland, bright spark. Politics is about having support in numbers.

Anonymous said...

@ Fisheagle

1. Please show me exactly how I excluded anyone! All we (true Boers) want is for all Nations of SA to have their own States! Indeed I specifically stipulated that the term "Boer" is NOT Language specific!

2. Wanting a State for each of SA's Peoples is definitely NOT for "personal gain". The Boers do no fall into that realm ie. the the Kingdom of Cash of the Western World, which is precisely why they had to be eliminated by the Western money men!

As "Boer" said above:
"They (the Boers) are the only population of Southern Africa (bar perhaps the Griqua and Rehobothers, of similar culture) who can make such a claim!
Needless to say, this has not gone unnoticed by HE who counts!"

Common Sense

Viking said...

very, very well said. Trying to set up an ethnic republic as a moral imperative would be a mission indeed!
The logistics alone would be a nightmare - who gets the right to live there? You get a lot of people talking about "real Boers" and that's dangerous. Who decides who's real and who's not? It's not about Boers or any specific ethnic group, in ANY ethnic group, trying to sort out who is "pure" and who isn't leads to all sorts of problems.
Anyway, running ahead of myself. The only way SA could ever have worked is with a federal system, with a decentralised provincial state. The present state of affairs, with blacks clinging limpet-like onto productive regions, trying to surround and take them over, will be the downfall of the country.

you could also argue that Apartheid was an attempt to NOT rule over other people, but to give them their own countries according to their ethnicity. It was after all the opposite of colonialism.

Anonymous said...


I agree the Apartheid was the most fair of the systems since Britain created the makro-state of the Union of SA, but I disagree that it wuld be impossible to have ethnically specific counries, after all, both Lesotho and Swaziland are ethnically specific where ONLY Sothos and Swazis respectively have the vote.

That said, I admit that cosmopolitan states such as "Gauteng" are necessary for those who wish to live in and operate as part of "the global village". Just make it fair so that those who wish to opt out of these puppet-run states and live exclusively among their own, can do so. The Sotho, Swazi and Tswana have that right, and the Xhosas and Zulus have it in parts of SA. How about offering it to other groups!?

Common Sense