Wednesday, September 02, 2009

South African Refugee: A Review of Canadian Comments

It seems the granting of refugee status to a white South African, has caused somewhat of a stir. Predictably the decision is being branded as racist. I needn't have to remind people (but I will) that Canada is a sovereign nation, and can do whatever it likes. It doesn't have to toady up to the ANC, and get their approval beforehand.

Anyway, a commenter called Barry, alleges that we should read the comments in the MSM, regarding this story. He claims that people are outraged. I beg to differ. So what I did was check. I read the comments on the Globe & Mail, one of the largest national newspapers in Canada. Yes, there are a lot of ignorant, hateful comments but what is interesting is to note the vote counters, how readers rate a comment. The overwhelming majority rate the decision positively and tacitly approve white South Africans being allowed in to Canada. Here are a few of the comments.

An exodus?!! holy cow! Fantastic!look at it this way.... the Africans will be happy to get rid of them. I think we should open the flood gates to those white refugees. we did it for the rest of the world. the ANC cares 0 about its status in the world anyways. they helped prop up mugabe so whatever.... let them come.austraila/NZ cant absorb them all. WE MUST DO OUR PART!!!

Good decision. The violent black racists in S. africa have destroyed the country, its former institutions and murdered and beaten Whites since that rabble took over the country. As in all African countries where blacks became in charge, this country is now a large ghetto specializing in violent crime and AIDS. Canada needs to be complimented on recognizing the situation and should allow as many Whites into Canada as wish to come. There is no reason to not protect Whites against this violent racism and the same holds true for all other people where that situation exists.

There are loads of educated, hard working South Africans would would love to immigrate to Canada.I say, LETS TAKE THEM! And Leave the violent ones behind, so they can build the country that they want.

I have been to South Africa, spent a lot of time living in Africa as a whole and befriended many Africans (Black and White) living in SA and abroad. I found that many whites share the feelings expressed by the claimant in this article. In the interest of sharing, the following is a list of my factual observations. 1. A large proportion of the white population of SA is now living abroad, particularly in England, Australia and New Zealand. In SA itself, the majority of whites are simply fed up with the ANC regime and have become as detached from the government and the majority black population as a whole as humanly possible. They have even geographically separated themselves, establishing separate urban centers and enclaves outside traditional urban centres like Jo-Burg and Durban, which have been overrun by criminal organizations, since the end of Aparthied. 3. Whites, especially women, are instructed to run red lights in many urban areas at designated times of day, for fear. 4. Vast areas of many urban centres are informally restricted, and crimes perpetrated against white SAs in these areas are not even investigated. 5. The ANC run government, with its socialist ideology, is not only confiscating white run businesses and land, but unfairly prejudicing the white minority in both its legislative agenda and its enforcement of law. To many, just acknowledging these facts makes me rascist, but I am not! Should Africans have equal rights as Whites? Yes. I would fight for this. But this is not what we are talking about. The international community knows that the rascist regime of Robert Mugabe's only real support comes from the ANC, and that the ANC runs SA holding the example of Rhodesia over the white minority to get them to fall in line with the extensive wealth redistribution campaign that they are undertaking. Whether justified or not, anyone out there who believes the white minority in South Africa is not persecuted are seriously deluding themselves.

I believe him. One need only look at how the rascist UN has turned a blind eye to Mugabe's Zimbabwe and the abuse of whites there. I read an article 3 years ago in a South African newspaper where it was reported that many blacks tell whites to "wait until Mandela dies!" In Canada I have found that as a rule visible minorities are way more rascist against whites than the other way around.

So if Canada accepts 50,000 black Somali refugees, and one white South African refugee, we're racist. That makes sense....

Since 1994, there have been on average annually more than 20,000 murders in South Africa, that means more than 300,000 people have been murdered during the last 15 years. To put it in perspective, that is more than half the population of Newfoundland!

Two observations. As somebody pointed out, its pointless to say that SA is a rich country. So is Canada, but there are still poor people of all colours. I expects its true what he says: that you can't get a job as a white carny in SA. Truth be told, you'd probably have a rough time getting a job as a hammer monkey in most parts of this country if you are native born.Another. Get ready for it. Wait until the demographic bomb ticking in Europe explodes. We'll have Frenchmen, Germans, Danes all looking to get the hell out. Call this aclimatisation!

The truth is South Africa is not a first world country anymore. I met many South African's backpacking around the world and it seemed to me they were escaping their homeland and that was ten years ago. There may be 4 million whites in South Africa but that number will soon go to zero. Let as many white South Africans into Canada as needed. Guess what beyond their skin colour they have similar education, morals, cultural background, ideals as Canadians similar to Australian's and Brit's. If racist South Africa can't understand their benefit let Canada succeed with them. If Black African's feel the continent is only theirs to keep then they will have it.

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Anonymous said...

"Yes, there are a lot of ignorant, hateful comments...."

Maybe those loud mouthed scum should be given a one way ticket to Africa. Then the rest of us can sit in a first world country and laugh at them as they are raped and murdered.

Doberman said...

An excellent commentary VI.

Doberman said...

To add my two cent's worth, I think perhaps ALL whites should depart Africa and leave blacks to their own devices. As long as whites remain in Africa to prop up blacks, we give them the illusion that they are managing these sophisticated economies on their own. Well Zim showed what blacks are capable of when whitey leaves, just like many other African countries have found out. Nothing. So leave. Take your skills and money and say fok hulle.

FMCLAW777 said...

I have to agree with Dob's, we white South Africans and general whites in Africa should take our shit and leave. These natives think they are cleva, let them see how far they get when we are gone and they have no one supporting their Barbaric, Inhumane, Uneducated, murdering, raping, corrupt and Unappreciative asses anymore.

They want Africa, without Whites, lets give them what they want, fuck we have been giving them everything they have asked for so far, why not their heat's desire (No WHITE DEVILS in Africa). Let them live among themselves, let them murder themselves and let them rape each other, after all, it's their nature / culture and they will never change or evolve into something civilized. The we should build giant walls around Africa so that they cannot get out and let them suffer under their own people they chose to lead them!!

Anonymous said...

Amen and will the last YT pls swith EKSDOM off (oops sorry, they are nearly there all on their own).

AMB said...

Dobes - agree. Whites should just get out. The writing is on the wall. Give it "back" to them and find another place to live and make peace with it. SA is my country but Australia is my home.

Anonymous said...

"ALL whites should depart Africa and leave blacks to their own devices"

They will just follow you! Blacks are like locusts. They come, destroy and move on to the next field. They dont build. Could you image if Orania was very large and had even 250,000 people? The blacks would be at the gates wanting in!

Anonymous said...

"They will just follow you! Blacks are like locusts. They come, destroy and move on to the next field. They dont build. Could you image if Orania was very large and had even 250,000 people? The blacks would be at the gates wanting in!"


Most people don't know but Whites actually settled most of SA before Blacks did BUT propaganda has led the world to believe otherwise! My point is that the Blacks only moved into most of SA because the whites were there. Most of SA doesn't suit the Bantu Culture and they would vacate most regions should all whites leave!

Anonymous said...

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