Friday, September 11, 2009

South African police adopt shoot to kill policy ahead of World Cup

From the Telegraph UK

Police in South Africa have adopted a new "shoot to kill" policy called "You will soil your pants, criminal" to deal with armed lawbreakers ahead of next year's football World Cup.

World Cup 2010: England fans 'virtually certain' to die in South Africa -
Telegraph UK

England to stay at £20m purpose-built facility during South Africa World Cup - The Guardian - The England squad will be based at a £20m (R250 million) purpose-built hotel and training facility during next summer's World Cup, according to a South African developer.

Operation Wanya Tsotsi is intended to send a message to criminals that the police will show no quarter.

Speaking to activists at a dinner of the ruling African National Congress party in Johannesburg, Fikile Mbalula, the deputy minister of police, said those who used illegal weapons would lose their normal rights as citizens.

In comments reported by South Africa's Times newspaper, he said: "If you are a criminal and you are gun-totting, our message to law enforcement officers is clear, shoot to kill.

"In the ministry of police we say we are going toe to toe, tooth for tooth, nail for nail with the criminals.

"Street by street , corner to corner, we will find you."

Mr Mbalula said the idea was to let offenders know they would be dealt with harshly by the law.

In recent years South African governments have struggled to control the country's soaring crime rates.

At one stage the country had one of the highest murder rates in the world.

Although instances of violent crime are believed to be on the decline, some fear football fans could become easy targets during next year's World Cup.

At least 25,000 England fans are expected to be among a global contingent of 450,000 who descend on the country when the tournament kicks off next June.

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Treacle Bender said...

..."If you are a criminal and you are gun-totting, our message to law enforcement officers is clear, shoot to kill"....

...does this include finger toting, banana toting, other blunt objects toting, while being white etc…

If so, then God help us..

Anonymous said...

No, no, no - wena, these UK troublemakers she is looking for truble. There is NO crime in Assania. What she talking about? Waycists.

Apparently violent crime is on the decline. Amazing this happening just before the SWC2010 - nothing like fiddling the stats on a Friday night. Come home Brandon - you're safe boet.

Exzanian said...

Do you really believe these kaffirs are motivated by a desire to enforce law and order? By a respect for the sanctity of life? With chief Cele stepping up to the plate, it's more like protection of "vested interests". This is more like Chicago in the 1930's...Except the Gangsters are in parliament.