Tuesday, September 22, 2009

South Africa: Racism Against White People

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Anonymous said...

awesome !!!!!

I am white South African and I hope that black people living here, both citizens and non citizens are thinking the same as the guy in the video.

I Never profited from racism before, but all black people, ok almost all; at least government, are claiming, that they should reverse racism, and that is ok.

It is not ok, two wrongs, don't make right, maybe makes left :)

I hope, soon, we all come to senses and live in non racial South Africa.



I'm tired of the black man having have to suffer...a peaceful message to the white "south africans" and the rest of the white people...GO BACK TO EUROPE AND THE SUFFERING IN AFRICA WILL END. It is evident that the reason for everyone's suffering is what whites have done especially for the last 200 years. I promise you to whoever is reading this that a new age will come when Africa will be 1st class and the rest of the world 2nd.

Anonymous said...

@PofSA. You are actually a product of the Congo, to split hairs, unless you are a descendant of the Khoisan. So to set the record straight, you are no more a product of South Africa than any other person born in South Africa, regardless of race.

As for your wish to have whites return to Europe; unless you have been living in a cave since 1994, you are getting your wish. In excess of 1 million whites have already left. But as a consequence you have opened the gates of hell. It would, however, be nice if you took back 1 million blacks that are polluting Europe.

As for your suffering coming to an end. Is that a joke? Why don't you consult with your ancestors. Blacks have been slaughtering blacks for eons. The Zulus alone eradicated 25 tribes from the face of the earth. The settlers actually reduced the slaughter, fact. There is no such thing as a noble savage. You are deluded if you think it will be Nirvana once the whites have left.

200 years of suffering? Interesting, given that the settlers never clashed in any meaningful way with the bantu until the Great Trek; and Apartheid was only enforced from 1948 until 1994.

As for Africa having its day, not in this millenium or the next.

As they say, be careful what you wish for. You may just get it.


I mean that I blame whites for the cause of widespread of aids and the current economic structure of many African nations, that Europeans have left to suffer. Where has the morals of African governments gone to with corruption and ripping of their own people to help and support the West.

Humans are humans and they will always do what they have been doing for thousands of years, but I believe it is because of the white man that HAS caused nations to be so corrupted. I hate it when I see my people be corrupted over power or money or oil. And when I say my people I mean the real tribal Africans from all over Africa. There needs to be a way for all Africans to stick together in some black nationalist way so that we can end the oppression that the so called governments has on us, and when I mean all Africans I mean the people who are REALLY from the continent of Africa. (Shout out to my black people in America).

To tell you the truth I would rather be dead than suffer. One of the greatest black men, Malcolm X says that the price of freedom is death. Now I understand that many of Africans are not enslaved, but we are pitied upon by the rest of the world when we appear on charity commercials, asking viewers to pay 25 cents a day for us to get decent meals. Come on, as a proud race we can do better than beg, and the answer is black nationalism. The Zulus were minding their businesses until colonies of white men came down and crushed them, (and the rest is history). And guess what....white people kill each other too! And how about colonization that has happened in the past century. And we cannot forget about the slave trade with Europe, America, and the West Indies. "African Americans" living in America are Africans too (until individuals realize that they are). And the words "South Africa" bothers me. It is so vague and demeaning. I think that the south African government should change the name of the country to something that originates more to the roots. The name South Africa is a name created by white people, not by the Zulus. This could be a start that can change the future of all of Africa. This change will affect everyone that people from Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola, Somalia etc. will not try to immigrate to the U.S. and beg the immigration white man just for a better life. I refuse to live my life and let this go by. I urge all African countries to unite. Black people rise from all corners of the earth and unite! Maybe not in my lifetime, but we can do this one step at a time.

Anonymous said...

@ PofSA; your opening salvo "I blame whites for the cause of widespread of aids" puts you in the realm of the mentally deluded. Aids originated in Africa, Zaire to be exact, perhaps from one of your kind eating a great ape or shagging one, the disease was transmitted to humans and the rest is history. Get your facts right. As for the spread of aids, very easy, stop shagging everything that moves. Why must whites be to blame because your ilk can't keep it in their pants?!!!