Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some reflections on the white refugee saga

Brandon Huntley has divided South Africa like no other. White and black, never united, have seen the issue from very different perspectives, but the interesting response has been that from within the white camp.

Some responses, such as the petition from the 142 academics from the universities of the country, are predictably sickening, in the liberal, look-how-racist-we-aren’t sense of the word. This stomach-churning attempt by the signatories to ingratiate themselves with the ruling regime (and keep their jobs) has not gone unnoticed by many white South Africans, who have spared no vitriol in their condemnation of such interference.

Others, such as the unquestioning support for someone who may well prove to be a fraud, show an irrational blinkeredness that will serve no end now or in the future.

The single most important issue is the right of a sovereign nation, Canada, to do whatever the hell it likes within its own borders. It must not be forgotten that Somalians in South Africa are having their asylum applications heard right here in South Africa; And not only that, but they are having their entire families’ medical examinations and airfares paid for by the Canadian taxpayer, even though a) South Africa has already offered them asylum and it is illegal for them to seek further asylum in another country, and b) they are not in Somalia, and so presumably are not in life-threatening danger.

The asylum industry is a joke. It is nothing but a way to allow Third World Immigrants to move to safe Western countries (which they immediately begin to make unsafe) without going through the same channels that law-abiding professional immigrants have to.

For white South Africans, however, it may be the only way to survive, sometime in the near future. No longer in power, these are a highly vulnerable minority, having been disarmed and vilified by a government that blames violent crime on poverty and unemployment, or else denies outright that it exists. The ANC preaches that AA and BEE are necessary, with the implicit assumption that whites are racist and so won’t hire or do business on merit, and seeks to “redistribute” farmland, with the unspoken explanation that the whites unjustly stole it from a Bantu population that historically never occupied these areas let alone farmed them.

The ANC allows its spokespersons to launch anti-white attacks in public without consequence, and then when whites become the targets of crime, simply shrugs its collective shoulders and shirks responsibility. And when finally it looks as though the world might wake up to its negligence, via the Brandon Huntley saga, its monolithic ego is bruised and it cries Racist.

This is a time for South Africans to tell their stories, from an honest perspective, to a world audience that might just be ready to listen. It is time to assume the stance of the victim and tell it how it is.

South Africans have always had an ambivalent attitude toward foreigners. Throughout Apartheid foreigners were seen as both the potential saviours and the downfall of the nation. South Africans historically sought investment and approval from outside while adopting a bluff, independent stance in the face of outside interference.

Despite what many South Africans think (and say), sympathy is high amongst foreigners, as those who have travelled abroad can attest. In fact it always was. Such heavyweights as the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, tried sincerely to sell the regime in her home country, even famously suggesting to P.W.Botha that he try to make the Bantu homelands “join together”, making them a bit more rational. South Africa has never survived without foreign help and alliances.

It is time to sell the ANC puppy for what it is, and to shatter the illusion that is the rainbow nation. The world is willing to listen.

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Exzanian said...

Fantastic post Viking! But is the world really willing to listen?
For many, such as myself, that honestly embraced the Rainbow Nation and found it (personally) to be nothing but a chimera, the only route was to leave. But the question remains, can we, SAn's of all colour, actually live together and flourish in a true Aristotilean sense? (as Paul McCartney and MJ so glibly sang in Ebony & Ivory)
I wish it were possible! Really I do!!!!! I would go home tomorrow. As soon as I could get a flight...

Viking said...

How are your experiences in England? are people willing to listen?

I was initially brainwashed into believing in the rainbow, and I'm not philosophically averse to the idea of racial harmony, but it really is a hopeless case.
After only a few months I was frustrated and exhausted and came reluctantly to the conclusion that people's choices to live with their own 'kind' are quite moral and not dictated by fear or medieval tribalism.
I'm fortunate in that I lived in an almost completely white area (selling my house by the way.. any takers?? lol) and having had the openmindedness to investigate as many areas as possible and as many kinds of people as possible, I realised that some people are just not compatible with one another.
It was a shock to the system. I love the constitution, and in theory there is a place for everyone - but unfortunately under popular belief that place is outside my front door with their hand out !

Doberman said...

Nicely done again Viking, very good points. Whether the outside world cares is perhaps debatable. The Zim fiasco was an example. Thousands of white families were attacked and no government stepped up to take in the victims, many that sought refuge had to prove ancestry and few others managed to relocate to Aus, NZ, etc. Most ended up in SA, I'm not sure if many are even legally in the country.

Speaking to Australians, although they are becoming more aware of the crime (110 thousands expats will do that) they can't fathom the scale of the problem. It sounds too incredulous. 50 murders a day? Can't be? But it shows how well our SA media has managed to conceal the truth.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe that it will be impossible for the people of SA to live together as the rest of the world wants. We are too different in our cultures and beliefs and of course it doesn't help when the IQ of the blacks is so low that you can't really reason with them on anything and their culture of entitlement is deep rooted. I left after I realised that this would never be possible and I'd probably end up being murdered one day...

Exzanian said...

The BBC may have produced "No more Mandelas", and the Daily Mail was spot on with their article on the Zulu man coming to power, but the Guardian (which did a similar article) was rapped over the knuckles and apologised for said article and then paid an "undisclosed sum to Zuma before he took them to Court. Shows you the hostile PC breeding ground we white SAn's have to face each day in the UK. The incredulity and scepticism (not to mention lingering suspicions of racism people in the UK view you with) The world is not ready to accept that the shoe is on the other foot and that whites in SA are now nothing more than a fat cash cow, to be alternately milked or shot at, at will...

Anonymous said...

Living in Europe the last 16 years and watching what has been happening in a country that i spent my whole life in and even did 2+ years national service during the Angola-SWA war....I have watched Europeans and South Africans alike and my conclusion is this: Europeans watch SA and other African countries like it is a soap opera, unless one of their family members is killed or raped or hi-jacked there it is not a part of their reality, we who have had family members murdered by their own employed black staff, see Africa with the eyes of our original European ancestors when they arrived in a Hostile African continent , NOTHING has changed, we are standing in exactly the same place (speaking as a European, who was born in Africa)as our pioneering ancestors did in the 1700's we have come pull circle.... I sincerely hope people value the fact that histry always repeats itself if you live long enough you will witness this fact, cultural differences in Europe created countries like Switzerland, with its Cantons it is a picture of true peace...I see only that solution for Southern Africa where every group native or not has its own place and own governance...History of more than 300 years has taught us the peaceful coexistance, while one group rules another, will not last. the differences in value systems is far to great to bridge even today a Xohsa and a Zulu have difficulties in working side by side doing the same job, now we have added trouble to the melting pot by adding even more tribes from other African countries, at some stage there will be a "rearrangement" of order, both the Chinese and the americans are setting up camp in Africa to take over that new "Order" of things in africa they are the new "European ettlers" that will rule as the whites did during the apartheid eara, europeans will listen and pretend to care, but not one single one will be prepared to give their life for our cause in africa, they have written africa off to be a savage untameable animal that needs to be kept in a zoo in a continent removed from Europe...nice to look at and you may pay a donation or send second hand medical equipment and clothes to but that is as far as any old European establishment will get involved in Africa, it just costs too much! they have found out! besides they are far too busy debating European union issues to be bothered about the "dark continent", noone in Europe is truly bothered about what happens in Africa, they have been to Africa colonised it and burnt their fingers they are not going there again in a hurry.... so forget all the pipe dreams of anyone outside of Africa having a real truthful interest in Africa unless it has to do with making MONEY! enter America and China, they are after natural resources as was Russia and Cuba.... we SA'ers need to make our OWN plans for the future of SA if we all stand together and pull together and fight together for what we need in order for our kids to survive in SA we have a chance to make that change happen, the question is HOW does one get a bunch of "individualistic thinking Europeans to stand together ?" as the voortrekkers discovered when they were facing extiction : "eendrag maak mag!" "unity is strength" get the various European groups to unite and there is a chance...don's and you will see Africa stay 3rd world and continue to degenerate, exactly what the money-mongers want... you dont pay taxes if you are a multinational ina third world just bribe the right people and save billions in tax revenues...Africa will always be ruled from behind by those who have monetry power....those who own the companies that rape her for her resources.....Think clearly about these things and make your own conclusions, don't believe me....I am only writing my observations....

Loggi said...

Great comment Anon.
I agree 100%, but the sad reality is we will never stand together.