Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Shame for Me, Pride for Thee

By Baron Bodissey (Gates of Vienna)

Paul Green just sent me this quote from Newsweek. It highlights an issue that Fjordman and others have written about many times before: Ethnic pride is acceptable and desirable and should be encouraged in any group — so long as it’s not white.

This is the general subtext that underlies all politically correct multicultural dogma, but it’s rarely stated so clearly and so openly.

As Paul says:

Orwell’s words seem more than apropos when considering this Newsweek article about how children perceive race. It is just suffused with multicultural cant and white race-shame.

The money quote:

Preparation for bias is not, however, the only way minorities talk to their children about race. The other broad category of conversation, in Harris-Britt’s analysis, is ethnic pride. From a very young age, minority children are coached to be proud of their ethnic history. She found that this was exceedingly good for children’s self-confidence; in one study, black children who’d heard messages of ethnic pride were more engaged in school and more likely to attribute their success to their effort and ability.

That leads to the question that everyone wonders but rarely dares to ask. If ‘black pride’ is good for African-American children, where does that leave white children? It’s horrifying to imagine kids being ‘proud to be white’. [emphasis added]

Why is it horrifying?

Why is it laudable to be proud of your ethnic group, but only if you’re not white?

Oh, yes, I know all the reasons — the Middle Passage, Hitler, our history of brutality and colonial exploitation, Hitler, Jim Crow, Hitler, systematic prejudice and discrimination by whites against non-whites, Hitler, and My Lai. And did I mention Hitler?

How about the whites of Zimbabwe? They’re a persecuted minority who are subject to beatings, rapes, expropriation, and murder. Can’t they be proud?

Nope. They’re white. No pride for them!

I’ll say it one more time: Stick a fork in us. We’re done.

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Quark said...

I tell my kids that whites are the great race that brought civilisation and technology to the world. I tell them to be proud of their race and that the blacks, chinese, etc are a great threat living among us, and that threat is likely to get worse with time. But that one day we will have a place of our own. When we have that place, I tell them, we will be able to talk openly about these things and not have to hide our racism. I tell them it is OK to be racist but they must not show it at school because it is forbidden. But that one day in many years time it will again be OK to be racist so that we can live among whites only again.

Viking said...

Just read the full article. What a load of sh1t. Babies as young as six stare longer at pictures of people who are a different colour from their parents. Wow.
3 year old kids select pictures of kids they want as friends from their own race. Astonishing.
At least the authors have the decency to admit that the mantra "diversity breeds tolerance" is the ultimate sack of horseshit.
One quoted study said
"the more diverse the school, the more the kids self-segregate by race and ethnicity within the school, and thus the likelihood that any two kids of different races have a friendship goes down."

Anonymous said...

As Quark says, I teach my kids to know who they are, what race they belong to, to feel pride, and to defend their heritage, fu*k the rest. They understand they are members of a race and culture that has achieved and given more to the world than any other. They will never apologise or feel guilt or sympathy for any other race. That's not their job. Their place is to advance their race. My kids know what it means to be white and are proud to be white, fullstop. Every race has a right to feel pride, whites more so because they have actually achieved more.

Anonymous said...

Nicely said Quark...my sentiments exactly...

..now, if only all liberals will shut up and die!

Anonymous said...

"I’ll say it one more time: Stick a fork in us. We’re done."

You're only done if you have registered your weapons, lost your desire to defend your home, and not made tentative plans with like minded people. And no I am not talking about joining some stupid ethnic oriented group. I mean your family!!!!!!

I am a middle-aged, white southern veteran male that will not give up what my family has worked for and earned honestly. PS - nobody in my family has ever made over $100k per year.