Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Semenya: The Truth Is Starting To Emerge

I don't have anything to add, suffice to say that it is emerging that ASA may have deliberately concealed the truth. In other words, they cheated. Yet, Zuma feels it right that the IAAF should compensate Semenya. I say fire Chuene, for starters.

Caster Humiliated by Karyn Maughan, Gill Gifford and Reuters

Caster Semenya was subjected to a humiliating two-hour gender examination that included having her genitals photographed.

Her former coach Wilfred Daniels said on Wednesday the athlete was "distressed and humiliated" by the experience. During the ordeal her internal organs were scanned and she was examined while her feet were put into stirrups.
And this, Daniels stressed, was done at the behest of Athletics South Africa (ASA) which has repeatedly denied it has tested her.

"The worst part was that she thought she was going for doping tests... she was in no way prepared for what happened," Daniels said. This was in direct contravention of International Athletics Association Federation (IAAF) rules, he said.

Daniels claims ASA's general manager Molatelo Malehopo ordered tests to be done on Semenya in South Africa before the world championships.

"The truth will come out when Caster finally gets the chance to say what happened," Daniels said.

Doctor's Email Counter ASA's Claims by Karyn Maughan

A series of "smoking gun" emails are believed to be behind athletics boss Leonard Chuene's bid to distance himself from the doctor who allegedly oversaw sex testing on athlete Caster Semenya.

The emails contain formal communication between the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and South Africa's team doctor, Harold Adams, dating from early in August.

And they could prove devastating to Athletics South Africa head Chuene's claims that they were in the dark about the IAAF sex tests, which he said she was duped into undergoing in Berlin.

Adams, who advised ASA that Semenya should not take to the track in Berlin, has yet to break his silence on his role in the debacle - which could be damaging to his career and status as one of President Jacob Zuma's doctors.

It is, however, understood Adams contacted the office of IAAF president Lamine Diack at the weekend.

Meanwhile, Chuene has done everything he can to downplay Adams's involvement with ASA.

In response to questions about why he had not heeded the doctor's advice, he said: "By the way, Dr Harold Adams is an IAAF medical commission member and not part of the ASA medical team, so there was no basis for me to do that.

"I simply refused to withdraw her based on rumours. We were not given anything in black and white. The IAAF constitution also did not make provision for that. At that stage we did not even know about the alleged gender tests we read about in the media that were conducted on Mokgadi (Caster)."

Earlier, he said Adams had told him the medical commission of the IAAF had advised them to withdraw Semenya solely on the basis that they had conducted sex tests on her.

'I challenged the IAAF to give me proof that they had informed us'

According to Chuene: "After I challenged th IAAF to give me proof that they had informed us about the tests, they argued that they had told Dr Adams. But I told them he was not a member of ASA. I have now asked for a thorough report detailing everything so that we can probe it."

Chuene's repeated attempts to distance ASA from Adams fly in the face of ASA's own website, which lists Adams as SA's team doctor and president of Boland Athletics. He was also formerly an ASA director.

Semenya's former coach, Wilfred Daniels, maintains ASA general manager Molatelo Malehopo authorised sex testing before Semenya went to Berlin. He also claims ASA deputy president Kakata Maponyane accompanied Semenya when she was tested in Berlin in August.

By the way; consider this anagram. CASTER SEMENYA = YES A SECRET MAN

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Anonymous said...

it is believed and accepted by the liberal msm that if munt shouts louder than the man and throws the most accusations, in a barbaric, arrogant kind of way at the man, then the munt is innocent until the man can prove that he's not a racist...

I knew that this chuene was always guilty as sin…his body language, tkb and arrogance displayed on tv proves it..

And don’t think that our sweet semenya is at all innocent..

But, alas, nothing will come of this and no munt will be fired / reprimanded / made accountable, etc..

Anonymous said...

@TB. I tend to agree with you. The charge of racism is always just a ploy to deflect attention, and to buy time, until the next accusation. Eventually they run out of accusations, but by then the MSM has long lost interest.

Anonymous said...

@ TB, 100% correct.

FishEagle said...

Hilarious pic! Lol

Anonymous said...

@FE. Ja; you know how hard it was to find a Somalian to hold the bottle.

Anonymous said...

Change of subject..this mornings etv news interviewed a person claiming to be the minister of minister of women youth children and people with disabilities……..

One Ms Noluthando Mayende-Sibiya (I cut and pasted this from google)

The subject was about bee and she said something like ooga booga gogo ooga….it doesn’t matter..

WTF!!..what exactly is this vision of loveliness' portfolio?...

…and what does she drive?...

What other strange ministerial positions have been handed out like lucky-packets by our chief doer of nothing, zooma..

"minister of domestic servants and gardeners"...

"minister of stray dogs, cats and reptiles"..

"minister of men, albinos and refugees"...

"minister of retards, whinos and sex workers"..

“minister of gays, lesbians, hermaphrodites and liberals”

“minister of ministers” – this must Trevor manual’s position..

“minister of paper clips, erasers and space explorarion”

I can go on and on, but it does get a little stupid and I'm sure you all get the point..

Anonymous said...

"The truth will come out when Caster finally gets the chance to say what happened," Daniels said."

That aint never going to happen.