Monday, September 14, 2009

Security Alert: Hijackers use new tactics

This is not a 'new' tactic but rather hijackers reverting to old methods that seem new to motorists. Be on the lookout - NEVER STOP - rather call for an ambulance or the police from a safe distance, and inform your loved ones and friends. Yea, what a country..


Two men were hijacked in separate incidents, with their attackers using similar tactics to get their cars, Tembisa police said yesterday.

The first man was hijacked on Modderfontein Road in Rabie Ridge after stopping his car to assist what he thought was an injured man sprawled across the road ahead of him on Saturday night.

The second man, driving on Green Avenue near Kempton Park, was hijacked after stopping his car to avoid bumping into people running in the road in front of him. No arrests had been made. - Sapa

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