Thursday, September 03, 2009

South Africa Wants Refugee Ruling Overturned

It seems South Africa is insistent on wanting the refugee ruling overturned. The ANC, and I imagine blacks everywhere, are outraged that a white South African could be granted refugee status on the basis of racial prejudice. How dare whites muscle in on their exclusive action?

As I suggested previously, the ANC can not face up to the truth, and that is that they have failed to protect the citizens of South Africa. Take race out of the equation, is it unreasonable for any South African to seek and be granted refugee status? I think not. Why does the ANC think there is a mass exodus? Is it because we are all a bunch of white racists who can't live under a black government?

The only reason the ANC wants this overturned is because it says loud and clear that they are a failure. I am deeply concerned for Brandon Huntley, and I hope the Canadians have the balls to support their decision, and not to play into the hands of a meddling, disrespectful ANC. The truth speaks for itself. One million skilled whites have already left, the largest migration outside of of a war zone. I wonder why that is?

I suspect the decision will stand but behind the scenes there will be a patch up and bye bye future applications from whitey. Next stop, outside of a full blown communist state, is to delay or reduce the issuance of passports.

Can you imagine how the ANC would have responded if Canada had reacted and interfered in such a way? These guys are boxing outside of their weight category. It is time someone put the ANC in their place.

My response to the ANC is below, as well as the latest news on the saga.

(Crank up the volume and hit replay repeatedly)

OTTAWA — South Africa's top diplomat in Canada says he's "shocked out of his wits" a white South African claiming persecution because of his skin colour has won refugee status in this country.

He says the ruling, if left to stand, could seriously damage relations between the two countries.

Abraham Sokhaya Nkomo, South Africa's high commissioner to Canada, dismissed as "outrageous" Brandon Huntley's contention his life would be in danger because of his skin colour if he returned South Africa.

In an interview Wednesday, Nkomo vowed to leave no stone unturned in the effort to get the Harper government to appeal the ruling — made last week by a one-man refugee board — to the Federal Court of Canada.

William Davis, who made the ruling, accepted Huntley's refugee claim on grounds he would "stand out like a sore thumb" because of his colour in any part of a country where, according to Davis, there is an "inability or unwillingness by the government and security forces to protect white South Africans from persecution by African South Africans."

Citing reports and news stories about violence and racial tensions in South Africa, some of which were entered in evidence by Huntley's lawyer, Davis concluded Huntley's fear of persecution by black South Africans is "justified."

Huntley, a former carnival worker who lives in Ottawa, told immigration officials he was attacked personally six or seven times by black South Africans and that those beatings left him with scars on his stomach, right eye, right side of the body and hands.

South Africa's governing African National Congress denounced the ruling in a statement, saying the reasoning for granting Huntley refugee status "can only serve to perpetuate racism."

Nkomo said he had already met with officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and is seeking a meeting with Immigration Minister Jason Kenney in a bid to get the ruling appealed.

"We will pursue all avenues," Nkomo said.

Nkomo said the only explanation the South African government has been offered so far is the standard government line that the Immigration and Refugee Board is an independent tribunal that works at arm's length from the government. Kenney's normal practice is to refuse to comment on individual IRB decisions.

Nkomo said such an arm's length attitude is not good enough in cases where rulings have the power to affect relations between governments, as is the case with the Huntley decision.

He said the South African government is not going to react rashly, but he described the ruling as a "stain" on the bilateral relationship that must be removed.

He said the IRB did not do its homework, and the upshot is a ruling that perpetuates the false stereotype that black people attack white people.

"Crime does exist," Nkomo said, "but there is no black on white crime, or black on black crime. It's just crime."

Nkomo said many in South Africa feel betrayed by Canada, a country they thought of as a "bosom" friend with strong bonds that date back to the anti-apartheid struggle.

"If it was some other country, maybe they could take it in their stride," Nkomo said. "Certainly they are shocked beyond belief and outraged even that this has happened especially in Canada."

Davis's ruling was not made public but lengthy excerpts were circulated to reporters by his Ottawa lawyer Russell Kaplan.

Craig Stewart, a spokesman for Kaplan, said it is extremely rare for the federal government to appeal a ruling by the IRB and Huntley's team is hopeful Davis's ruling will stand.

IRB spokesman Charles Hawkins said the board has no comment on the furor caused by the ruling. Board hearings are conducted in private and the rulings are not made public by the board.

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FishEagle said...

Love the vid. Haha

I'm amazed at the responses of some whites in South Africa as the saga is unfolding, including Micheal Trapido. Some whites think they are completely invincible, which is a testament to their belief that they are superior to blacks. They are racist and there lies the biggest joke of all.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, my ISP crashed today nationwide. Unable to go online so can't post. Sorry ;) I will keep trying but they reckon up to 48 hours to sort out. Apologies, Dobes

Anonymous said...

There lays the problem - dumb whites getting air time.

Pjotr said...

Why should dumb whites not get airtime? It has been given to dumb blacks for decades ......

Anonymous said...

Really not sure why the ANC is carrying on like this. They want the whites out and now that they can leave as legit asylum seekers, they have a problem with this. I would have thought the ANC would welcome the ruling and invite all white SA's to leave peacefully...The ANC is obviously worried about their image abroad and is now backtracking to do damage control. We need a Public Holiday known as Huntley Day!

Anonymous said...

The ANC is upset because they see their meal tickets walking out. Whitey leaves, you have Zimbabwe.

FishEagle said...

Dobes, exactly!

Anonymous said...

The ANC wants the whites to go quietly into the night, not kicking and screaming for all to see. With the former, they can say we left because we were racists; moreover, their failures can be blamed on the "legacy of Apartheid" and our (the whites) failure to transform. With the latter we draw international attention to the real circumstances, which shows them up as being a fraud.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Subject: Att: Minister Jason Kenney, RE: Immigration & Refugee Board: Mr. Davis 'white South African refugee ruling'

The Honourable Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1L1... et al...

If Canada capitulates to RSA: I herewith request Contact Information: To File Documentation substantiating Huntley’s Refugee Application, of White Persecution Claims.

I read the news article in the Calgary Herald, South Africa wants Canada ‘refugee’ ruling overturned. I am writing to request whom I need to contact, should the Canadian Government be coerced by the South Africa Government to overturn the IRB: Mr. Davis’ ruling. If so, I would like to submit extensive evidentiary documentation on behalf of Mr. Huntley. I currently have a legal Crimen Injuria matter before South African courts, wherein I accuse the South African Government of intentionally not upholding the Truth and Reconciliation Social Contract, not only with white people, but with black people too.

[Read Letter. Not posted, here cause its long longer than allowed for by one blogger comment box..]

Anonymous said...

@Andrea. Your letter is superb, a fantastic effort.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Thanks Van... woulnd't have written it, if I hadn't found out about the article here...

Anyway: got this:

From: Hawkins, Charles []
To: Lara Johnstone
Sent: Thu 2009/09/03 19:37
Read: Att: Min. Jason Kenney, RE: IRB: Mr. Davis 'white South African refugee ruling'

Your message was read on Thursday, September 03, 2009 1:36:42 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).

From: High Commission of Canada:

Your message
Cc:;; PRET ( G);
Subject: Att: Min. Jason Kenney, RE: IRB: Mr. Davis 'white South
African refugee ruling'
Sent: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 19:32:15 +0200

was read on Thu, 3 Sep 2009 19:32:38 +0200

Islandshark said...

Great stuff, Andrea!

Anonymous said...

Good on you Andrea. We need to know whom to contact so we can get everyone to forward their personal stories in support of Huntley's application.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Thanks Dob & Island,

But you guys better pull your finger.. and send your stories, even though they say, the Review, will not accept further evidence...

This ruling has now entered the political realm.. and the Canadian officials can only stand by their decision if they get visible support...

See this...
Canada Appealing Controversial REfugee Case...

Huntley came to Canada on a visa in 2004 to work as a carnival worker. He returned in 2005 on a one-year visa and stayed for a second year illegally. He went back to South Africa, then entered Canada a third time, and filed his refugee claim in 2008.

Deepak Obrai, Canada's parliamentary secretary to the minister of Foreign Affairs and a Conservative lawmaker in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government, expressed outrage over the board's decision in a statement and said it shows a serious lack of judgment.

"Having grown up in Africa and witnessed the devastating effects of apartheid, in this case against blacks and Indians, it is beyond my understanding how a Canadian institution makes a decision on a racial basis," said Obrai, who was born in Tanzania.