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Rich continent, poor leadership

If only we had more blacks that could rationalise like this fellow. One down, only 99,9999999% of the black population to go..

By Mphatjie Monareng (
News24 User)

We all know that Africa is rich in mineral resources, land for agricultural purposes and several other ingredients for a functioning economy.

So, why are the native inhabitants of the continent still poor? Why do we still travel on gravel roads? Why do people still go to bed hungry?

I can think of many contributing factors, but none as important as poor leadership. Yes, poor, self-serving leadership - the single biggest impediment to Africa's progress. When we don't have clowns for leaders, we have cold-blooded criminals and shameless thieves.

The problem started in earnest in the years preceding independence with the installation into leadership positions of Western puppets and so-called liberation war heroes. And that was perhaps the beginning of Africa's own undoing?

Our leaders start off as champions of political self-determination, going to great lengths (including military training) to prepare themselves for the positions formerly occupied by European colonial masters. Once they occupy these offices, their first priority is to line their own pockets first.

Dictators such as the late Sani Abacha of Nigeria, Idi Amin of Uganda, Jean-Bedel Bokassa of the Central African Reoublic and, lately, Omar Bongo of Gabon are the reason why Africa is in the state it is in today.

They are all distinguishable by two characteristics: endemic corruption and hunger for power (often without responsibility).

In the years just after independence, many of Africa's leaders had come to power through military coups - often with the sole purpose of becoming home-brewed versions of their thieving colonial counterparts. Today, their successors have devised more acceptable ways of fulfilling the same outcome.

In countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Gabon, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Libya, Egypt, Cameroon and Sudan, the office of the president or prime minister is still regarded as the preserve of a certain political clique and not a vehicle to advance the living conditions of the people.

In these countries, leaders either refuse to go to elections -citing potential tribal rivalries as excuses - or they simply organise elections only as mere formalities, with the ultimate aim being to legitimise what is by all means a charade, a mockery of democracy.

At the end of the day, when this so-called democracy has been achieved and leaders have come from various corners of the world to witness glittering inauguration ceremonies, the poor remain poor (or get poorer) and the rich get richer. The president flies thousands of kilometres for a medical check-up in a European clinic, leaving behind a population ravaged by preventable diseases.

These leaders - and not the global economic recession, nor climate change, nor weak currencies, nor neo-imperialism - are the reason why we still travel on gravel roads. They are the reason why many amongst us still go to bed hungry.

Hat tip: Black Coffee

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Viking said...

I like articles like this. It shows there is some hope after all, and at the risk of getting another online battering, I do maintain some hope even if it's only for therapeutic reasons!
This is also proof that BC comes up trumps some times too. He and I have some major disagreements - and not just because we both came to SA as outsiders but came to completely opposite conclusions. There's also some fundamental differences in how we think. BC believes the state has the right and the duty to expropriate its citizens' wealth to redistribute, or worse, to pay restitution for past wrongs or perceived wrongs.
BC also believes that whites haven't "come to the party" as someone in the ANC recently said, as though not only must the country be handed over but that further restitution must be paid.
In other words, you must give me your house, and then also pay rent on it!


Is it really so special that one black voice speaks up in moderate tones ? What about the 85o mil. other blacks in Africa? As for BC: hope this guy is not worming his way back into this blog.

FishEagle said...

Whiteadder, I'm with you on this one. They are something to survive and that's all. I will never get my hopes up by a black again.

Viking said...

that won't happen, BC is banned until he spends some more time in SA!

After today's experience, I have a bit more hope. But some of my views are reinforced; blacks need to be encouraged to stay in their own areas and build their own economy. That sounds harsh, but the present milking of whitey is unsustainable, and ultimately they will chase all of us away and the result will be much worse for them.

They need to have their own urban areas, businesses and development. The present communist-welfare state is a disaster for everyone. I don't hate blacks. I just really really don't want to live around them!

FishEagle said...

@ Viking, haha. I also don't want to live around them :)
I really hope you'll write about your day with them.

Viking said...

lol, I will when the troublemakers turn up!
As it stands, the story is not interesting. Enough. But that will change :)

AMB said...

@Viking - BC also believes in fairies and Santa Claus if he believes us whites have to pay restitution. First, he needs to clear America's "sins" by paying restitution, and only then can he have any opinion on what SA whites owe. I second Whiteadder; hope he isn't worming his way back. I think this is the second hat tip to him in the last week so he's trying his best... NAY!

Doberman said...

@ AMB & WhiteAdder and others, BC is not coming back anytime soon. Not until ALL of us agree to let him back. As I have informed him privately, when he is IN SOUTH AFRICA and living there may we consider letting him return because he'll then be talking from actual experience. Btw, anybody have any suggestions how BC can expedite his application for permanent residence in SA? This is a genuine query from BC and I'd really like to have him living in SA asap.

FishEagle said...

Dobes, I wish I could help. Sorry.

Viking said...

@Doberman, and BC

It's not easy and you can't make it quick! He can not get permanent residence, he can only get a three month permit, followed by another three if he can prove he has means.
Otherwise, he needs a job offer and proof that the job has been advertised and no South African can be found to fill it.
He could marry a South African of course....

karim said...

Very thoughtfull post on leadership. It should be very much helpfull.

Karim - Mind Power