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Refugee Asylum - Whites Need Not Apply?

A foreign perspective on the Huntley asylum matter.

I recognise the signs: the narrowness of their interest in self, the dedication to a life of consumption and material values , the lack of enquiry and seriousness in general.

White South African voices on the migration question

The case of Brandon Huntley, a white South African granted asylum by an Immigration Board in Ottawa, has been in the headlines for a couple of days. The Canadian’s recognition that black violence and South African governmental dereliction can constitute grounds for asylum for fleeing whites has stung both the aforementioned government and the ANC. The moral poverty of both is evident in their reflexive ascription of racism to the decision.

But some rather more interesting reactions have surfaced elsewhere … here in the Huffington Post, for example, where Western purveyors of the old anti-apartheid rubric are struggling - and failing - to come to terms with the moral superiority of the white South African victim. Like “sa-Ireland”:

There are brutal murders, hacking up of whites, slaying pets, and terrorizing and raping. The rule of thumb is to whites.

now if a white is not allowed to get a good job, (those in the good jobs were there for a long time , or are expats), if a white is not allowed a FREE education, because the last 3 years of school will not be paid by the government, if a white can not own property without the risk of it being removed forcibly, If a white has to live behind prison bars on our houses, can not own anything valuable as it WILL be forcibly removed, If we live in fear daily, because we own a car, a TV, or another valuable item then
what is persecution?

There is a plan when Mandela dies - Whites are threatened daily with it. Our guns were redistributed to the blacks as well. When he dies, they will massacre us. All know about it and there is constant, daily propaganda, on the news, in TV programs, and everywhere, to PROMOTE white hatred. My kids weren’t even allowed to report a black in school for bullying as it was classed as racism.

There was a small group long LONG LONG-ago who did the apartheid. It was over in 1989. Why must we suffer for THEM?

The fact remains, though, that of the 4 million + South African whites well over three-quarters of them have not fled the country, and a substantial number appear to be willing to trade personal security for the benefit of the climate, the beaches, the bars, the upscale metropolitan white lifestyle. It’s hardly news that in South Africa the racial question still preoccupies everyone, whites included. But the old divisions among whites are long gone. Now they are split between optimists who are prepared to keep their head down and take what’s going on one side and, on the other, pessimists like “sa-Ireland”, for whom getting out is only a matter of time, and the realists who will stay but try to create change.

Here are two voices, both female, situated right next to one another on a thread at the Daily Mail:

I was a small child during the apartheid era in South Africa - my parents taught me to hate black people and they voted for the Nationalist government, which legalised apartheid - did that turn me into a racist? No - I grew up, rebelled against what I believed was wrong and I am today teaching my children tolerance - they do not even ‘see’ colour.

But that said: I live in constant fear every day, for me and my loved ones. In SA, if someone breaks into your house, they don’t just make off with your property, no, they will rape all the females in the house (babies included), they torture you by boiling the kettle and poring the water over you - they will urinate and defecate on your bed, they will kick your dog to death etc...I realise that people in the townships live in the depths of despair themselves and until the SA Government does something to help control the crime and to assist victims of crime, there will be more people like this man, looking to escape.

Nina, Cape Town, South Africa, 02/9/2009 13:10


What’s really funny is that I returned to Cape Town after nearly a decade living abroad, mainly London but a couple of other European centres too, because I feel safer here! And I don’t live that far from Mowbray where Mr Huntely comes from ...

Cape Town is a fab place to live, we have the beaches, the winelands, the mountain to walk on every day, antique shops in little Victorian style villages, a brilliant new stadium that is being built for 2010, new roads under construction, and a few politicians who are trying to make a difference. We’re not perfect but who is?

Gillian, Cape Town South Africa, 02/9/2009 13:05

And here is another thread, at a South African optimist’s blog. It is worth a read, not least because one of the commenters actually knows Brandon Huntley and can testify to his victimhood.

Here’s a sample of optimism from that thread:

September 1st, 2009 at 8:49 am

As a white South African (who has just returned to SA after 6 and a half years in the UK) I have not once felt like I stick out like a sore thumb! Ok…I did go to Tiger Tiger a while back and felt slightly on the higher side of the average age! Sure, the government isn’t solving all the problems but they try…running away is not helping anyone, we need to stick it out and help solve the issues together and keep the government accountable so that the Vibe continues!

And another:

Justin McCall Says:
September 1st, 2009 at 9:45 am

I have to tell you that I am 27 years old, have lived in bad neighbourhoods to very classy neighbourhoods, yes, there is crime, but nowhere near what global news reporters are saying. I have had a few incidents of break-ins. That’s it. No muggings, no racial slander, no hijackings, I have an evenly balanced mix of black, white, coloured & indian friends.

And my favourite little extract:

Dan Says:
September 1st, 2009 at 10:10 am

… we have serious crime, petty crime, racism, reverse racism, xenophobia, poverty, high level corruption….yet the people who live here love the place - we are well travelled and still (the majority) come back and sing this countries praises…How can this be… I mean, what about THE CRIME???!!! There is a vibe here, a vibe which we are part of which is all about bettering this country and being a part of history. We are democratic, multi racial, proud, passionate and above all, HAPPY.

Obviously, as someone seeking the destruction of the MultiCult, I find the slow implosion - leading ineluctably to an explosion - of the rainbow nation wonderfully edifying. Or it would be if whites were not paying such a terrible cost. Is the re-education of liberals in Europe and North America really worth so much?

Nonetheless, this phenomenon of the optimistic South African needs to be understood because the same type is in London and Vancouver, LA and NY, everywhere the MultiCult is. I’ve heard their grating voices on TV and read their missives in the Guardian and the Indy.

I recognise the signs: the narrowness of their interest in self, the dedication to a life of consumption and material values , the lack of enquiry and seriousness in general.

Are they just a product of the postmodern life, slaves to the progressive zeitgeist? Or are they, like the poor, always with us - a permanent feature of our lives?

Source: Majority Rights

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