Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Real Dutchman

Here's an example of what the once-mighty Netherlands has been importing of late, and a guide to what we can expect from a multicultural society. The article begins "A Dutch man ..." Is this what the Dutch people want to be associated with? Is this man and his imported type of behaviour now to be considered a part of "Dutch" culture?

A choice must be made. The argument for allowing such refugees in order to protect them from barbarity at home is in direct confrontation with the idea that "their culture must be respected". This man may have been rescued from some kind of poverty and oppression - but because he was told his culture would be respected, now his daughter has to suffer her entire life from his barbarity.

Amsterdam - A Dutch man faces a possible six years imprisonment for having allegedly performed a domestic circumcision on his own daughter, a court in Netherlands heard on Thursday.

The public prosecutor at the court in Haarlem, north of Amsterdam, requested the sentence against Moroccan-born Mustapha el-Meddioui, 30, for allegedly circumcising his five-year old daughter.

The accused has dual Dutch and Moroccan nationality.

The prosecution requested the sentence saying that the girl has been permanently mutilated.

The father was arrested last year after the girl told her foster mother her father "put scissors" in her genitals.

Investigators later established the girls' clitoris and inner labia had been cut off.

The public prosecutor holds the father responsible. El-Meddioui has pleaded not guilty.

Accusing the public prosecutor of "racism", el-Meddioui however denies responsibility and says other people, such as the girl's foster parents, probably mutilated his daughter.

The girl made allegations of sexual abuse, but experts said this would be hard to prove in court.

A verdict and possible sentencing is due on September 17. - Sapa-dpa

3 Opinion(s):

FishEagle said...

Had a good chuckle when I saw the bottom pic. Gees that's funny.

Doberman said...

That's what happens when you let lesser cultures invade your country. It lowers the common denominator. The Dutch were quick to tell us how to live with blacks, I guess now this is their "teachable moment".

Pensioner said...

There are times that I am really glad I am not a kaaskop anymore. This article confirms it once again, bunch of bleeding heart liberals.
They deserve what they have living with them in that beautiful country of theirs.